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Emergency Response and Water Rescue with the 14 foot Saturn SD430.

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Saturn SD430 Emergency Rescue Boat
An extra wide, huge tube water animal, the SD430 inflatable rescue boat is at the height of its class for functionality and durability. This Saturn inflatable workboat has the best of features to handle rescues underwater and above water. When speed, accuracy and sturdiness are of the highest order, the SD430 inflatable rescue raft steps up and performs with a real balance of features.

Saturn Inflatable Boat Used for Emergency Services

Many law departments and rescue services need speed and maneuverability, coupled with the need for lightweight durability. The inflatable Saturn SD430 is a solid mix of weight to work combination. At just over 200 lb. inflated this inflatable sea craft the SD430 can be stowed on a deck, and lowered by hand into the water. Something that these water fire rafts and water rescue boats need when time is at a premium. Some of the features that stand out, for this inflatable beach raft are the extremely heavy duty construction and ease of use.
The transom on this inflatable water craft is heavy duty marine grade plywood, as well as the sectional floor. The floor of this inflatable rescue boat detaches folding up into a separate package and the transom folds into the body when deflated. With the 3 + 1 air chambers the SD430 inflates in under 40 minutes, especially with the high volume hand pump that is included.

In addition to the deep sea rescue and enforcement, the inflatable SD430 is perfect for surf and sand, with the quadruple layered seams and double layer of 1100 denier Korean PVC on the bottom of the tubes. The V Keel is inflated and deep set into the bottom of the inflatable emergency raft, and has a rub strake. This inflatable surf boat is light enough for two people to carry and strong enough the handle the big waves. With oars, or with a small outboard, the Saturn emergency raft is big enough for 7 people, and holds 4 comfortably. Life guards inflatable beach craft and water rescue boats is what Saturn had in mind for this inflatable emergency raft.

The huge tubes keep this work horse high in the water, and stable on rough seas or through rough surf, out into deep water. It blends well with other types of rescue craft, whether it is a large cutter, or a four man team of lifeguards on the beach. The SD430 inflatable boat performs to the highest expectations.

The features of this inflatable diving boat speak for themselves - in a bright red color, extra width for holding people and gear, the larger more complex equipment fits snuggly in this inflatable sea craft’s 3.3 foot wide by 9.2 long interior, but the water craft remains motile and maneuverable in rough seas.

There comes as included items: T-paddles, repair kit, seat bench and carry bag. The inflatable deep water raft can handle up to a 40 HP outboard motor, but customers report that a small 15 HP outboard works just fine. For emergency responders and situations, a 25 HP motor is recommended. The lighter weight, plus the higher overall power is a good balance of function and speed.
You would think such a well-balanced inflatable rescue raft would cost $3,000 to $7,000, but the SD430 inflatable rescue boat costs under $1300.00. The comparable Zodiac cost far more than the affordable, heavy-duty, Saturn SD430.


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