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Saturn Boats and Torqeedo Motors have Good Showing in Electric Race

Posted by   Brittany

Saturn Inflatable Boats are all about big fun, but last week our friend Captain Todd from Epower Marine showed us how to do it with a small footprint. Every year Todd and his electrically like-minded buddies get together in Maryland for a race around Wye Island. This year the Captain took home the bronze in his sleek 16 ft KaBoat outfitted with a Torqeedo electric motor.

Epower Marine specializes in high performance electric powered watercraft and motors, and to make the long 24 mile trek, Todd chose the KaBoat from to fully capitalize on the power from his Torqeedo motor. The narrow shape helps it zip through the water with less drag, yet is stable enough to take across the open water. Even outfitted with all his gear, the Captain averaged 9 mph throughout the entire race, impressive for the 24v outboard.

Of the nine entries in the all-electric race, KaBoat/Torqeedo looked like the simplest combo, and was definitely the most convenient of all the craft. Lightweight, very durable, and easy to transport from Florida to Maryland, it is easy to see why Captain Todd chose a Saturn for his long distance race far from home. Congratulations to Todd on his third place finish. Check out his video Wye Island Electric Boat Marathon 2012 and his website for more information on green power, perfect for Saturn inflatable boats.