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Go High End with Your New Inflatable Boat.

Posted by   Brittany
Azzurro Mare Inflatable Boats

So you’ve looked at all the advantages of buying an inflatable boat, and you’ve decided that the time is right to get yourself a new one. There are plenty of inflatable boats for sale both online and in person, but what you really want is one that’s truly top of the line. One that will last a very long time, give you great performance out on the water, and be versatile enough to meet all of your needs. If quality is your goal, you should look no further than Azzurro Mare Premium Inflatable Boats.

Azzurro Mare rubber boats are manufactured and designed in Europe, and are only offered in the United States in limited places like They are both European CE-certified and German Lloyd certified to meet the highest standards. They are available in 3 models: the 9.6 foot dinghy AM290, the 11 foot inflatable boat AM330, and the 12 foot AM365, all of which have a beautiful Euro-style squared bow that both looks great and increases storage space in the boat.

These Azzurro Mare inflatable boats were designed with performance in mind. Their rigid, lightweight hulls ensure that you’ll get a great ride out on the water no matter how big a motor you put on it. They were even designed with large, round end tubes to provide more buoyancy and support for heavier engines. These things can really zip over the waves!

Azzurro Mare inflatable boats are also incredibly durable. Their V-shaped bottom is made from EXTRA heavy-duty 1.5mm PVC, which is almost twice as thick as you’ll find on other inflatable boats. The bottoms of the air tubes are also covered with a DOUBLE layer of this thick PVC, making them as impenetrable as basically any inflatable boat tube on the market today. And in the rare instance of a puncture, the separate air chambers will ensure that you and your family will stay safely afloat. The newer versions even come with tube covers to protect your Azzurro Mare from harmful UV rays. They are also protected by a 5 year manufacturer’s warranty on the transom and hull seams in case something goes wrong, which doesn’t happen too often.

If you decide to purchase an Azzurro Mare inflatable boat from, it will come with all sorts of goodies. For example, if you buy them online, they each come with a free second bench. You will also get the complimentary tube covers, which normally cost over $600. Plus, each Azzurro Mare inflatable boat will be shipped right to your door with a complimentary pump, aluminum oars, a repair kit, and a handy carrying bag. You’ll get everything you need in one shot! Now all you have to do is pump it up, toss it in the water, and go out for a nice adventure on your new high end inflatable boat.