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AM Boats Replacement Tube Covers


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Replacement tube covers for NEW Azzurro Mare boats.

Bra for tubes with Velcro along edges to attach to Azzurro Mare boats. 

IMPORATNT. PLEASE READ!!! These tube covers are guaranteed to fit perfectly for boats with HULL ID starting from digit 8 made by our current manufacturer.

At this moment we unable to verify if older AM boats, with different first digit HULL ID number than 8 will work with these covers as intended. Because, there might be differences in positions of older boats components compare to our current AM boats models. If cover does not fit, it can be returned back for full refund, but must be clean, and in a brand new condition. Please keep tube covers clean and unspoiled while test fitting over your boat. We must be able to re sell returned cover as a brand new item.

  • Please note that these covers ONLY fit onto Azzurro Mare inflatable boats.
  • Will not fit into another make boat. Do NOT buy if your boat is NOT Azzurro Mare.
  • Only fabric cover included. Boat or benches not included.
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I’ve had my Azzurro Mare for 4 years now and I can’t say enough about the style and durability of the chaps/tube cover. It adheres very tightly with the all around Velcro strip and cleans up well too.. it protects the boat from UV and my boat, which I leave outside year round, looks new. The cover has not deteriorated at all as far as I can see.
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