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​Propel Yourself Through the Water with BoatsToGo's New Inflatable Pedal Kayak

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Inflatable Pedal Kayak from Saturn

Whether you prefer to paddle or to pedal, you can propel yourself through water with BoatsToGo’s Saturn 12-foot Inflatable Pedal Kayak PK365. The kayak can be used with or without its Pedal drive, which is droped into a cutout in the kayak’s floor. The cutout is closed with a Velcro cover. A rotomolded mount secures the pedal drive to the kayak’s hull. When beaching the kayak, the pedal drive can be lifted up and out of the way. Pedal drive easily removable.

Any kayak, beach or lawn chair (not included) can be mounted to the kayak bottom using provided double D-rings and straps. The kayak weighs 33 pounds and the pedal drive weighs 15 pounds. A paddle is not included.

Inflatable kayaks have been on the market and popular for quite some time. They are fun, convenient, versatile and affordable. But until now, they worked pretty similarly to traditional kayaks. That all went out the window with Saturn’s new PK365 12’ Inflatable Pedal Kayak, which is available now on

When you compare inflatable boats, there is simply nothing out there like the PK365. It takes all the things you love about previous inflatable kayak models and adds a totally new dimension. This comes from the pedal drive that gives the boater a totally new way to propel their kayak through the water at impressive speeds. This kayak has an elongated cutout to easily drop in or take out the pedal drive, making it incredibly convenient to use or store. The pedal drive can also be lifted up out of the way so you can use your watercraft as a regular kayak or beach it without any trouble at all.

This cutting-edge inflatable kayak was also designed to be easy for anyone and everyone to steer while they are using the pedals. The simplest way to do this is to just dip your kayak paddle into the water on either side while you are pedaling, just like you might do when paddling a normal kayak. The other option is also very easy. All you have to do is secure your paddle to the double D-rings in the rear of the boat, and you immediately have yourself a great rudder that will allow you to easily change directions while pumping the pedals. You can even pedal your inflatable kayak in reverse!

When you compare inflatable boats, one of the most important things to look at is the comfort of the seating, which is especially true on a vessel like this where you will be pedaling in order to propel yourself. That’s why Saturn decided to give consumers multiple options. Yes, your inflatable pedal kayak comes with a nice aluminum bench. But if you want something more comfortable, you can simply take out the bench and replace it with basically any beach chair you want by securing it to the perfectly placed double D-rings. Maybe you want something supportive for your back. Maybe you want something that reclines for maximum comfort on those long days out fishing. Whatever the case may be, the choice is yours!

If you want more information about Saturn’s new PK365 12’ Inflatable Pedal Kayak, check it out on It is currently on sale there for $799, which is half the normal price of $1,598. And if you buy it on the website, they will also include a hand pump, an aluminum bench, and a high-quality aluminum pedal drive and mount. Other places charge up to $899 for this!

Inflatable Pedal Kayak From Saturn


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