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Saturn MotoSUP Motorized Inflatable SUP Paddle Boards - ESUP330 and SUP330MXL

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Saturn Motorized SUP Board

Paddle boarding is a growing hobby across the country, and inflatable stand up paddle boards are truly a great way to explore it. More affordable than a traditional paddle board, these inflatable SUPs offer many advantages such as affordability, convenience, ease of storage, and performance. But what if you could get an inflatable stand up paddle board that could also be used as a motor boat? Well, now you can, with Saturn’s ESUP330 and SUP330MXL, also known as MotoSUPs.

A MotoSUP offers a perfect combination, 2 products in 1! If you want to have a rigorous day out stand up paddle boarding, it works just like any other inflatable SUP would. Just take it down to the beach, inflate it with the complimentary hand pump, or optional electric pump, and head out on the water for an eventful day. But if you’re feeling in need of a little relaxation, these a Motorized SUP Paddle Board can be a real game changer. This is because the ESUP330 and SUP330MXL were designed by Saturn with a special built-in transom that was specifically put there to accommodate an electric motor, turning your inflatable stand up paddle board into a simple little motor boat.

Built to accommodate electric motors with between 20 pounds and 55 pounds of thrust, these MotoSUPs Paddle Boards are quite different than anything you’ve ever seen. In just a few minutes, your inflatable SUP will be transformed into an electric vehicle. The best part is, you don’t even have to stand. Saturn designed the board with 4 D-rings specifically so you could attach a seat, in essence making your inflatable SUP into a little motor boat. It’s perfect for a kayak seat, or if you want to be even more relaxed, a beach chair.

Offered by BoatsToGo at very affordable prices, these Motorized Electric SUP Paddle Boards are basically the cheapest motor boats you will find in the world. Not to mention the fact that they’re also a stand up inflatable paddle board! They’re incredibly durable, as they’re made from ultra-strong 6” heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch fabric to prevent any punctures or abrasions. They also have a large removable fin for added stability and performance.

If you’re feeling extra adventurous, you might want to check out Saturn’s motorized SUP boards. They’re lightweight and compact, designed to glide through the water with a minimal amount of friction. Just stick a 55 pound electric motor on the back, attach your seat, and fly through the water at a thrilling pace!

Video of ESUP330 Inflatable Paddle Board / Electric Scooter / Kayak


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