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Las Vegas Kayak Adventure Waits Below the Hoover Dam with Saturn Inflatable Kayak

Posted by   Brittany

Anyone visiting Las Vegas, who loves kayaking, should consider doing so at the Black Canyon, which just southeast of Las Vegas, near the Hoover Dam. This is a 30 mile stretch of Colorado River, and all it takes is a good inflatable kayak and Government issued permit, which is much easier to obtain than it sounds. Some area around Dam is off-limits, as it serves electricity to well over 1.3 million people, is protected by federal security force. However, those who obtain the launch permit and don’t mind chancing the 30 boats per day limit will catch an awesome time.

One of the options is to hire a tour operator. This is probably the best thing to do for emerging kayakers. Although a little pricey, usually around $350 per person, a typical tour includes transportation to the launch pad, a high-quality kayak, and all types food and camping gear.

Las Vegas hotels are not that far away from the launch area, but you should consider giving yourself at least two hours before you get in the water. A tour operator will pick you up at a hotel and in a little while you will be looking up at the Hoover Dam and be stunned with its 700 feet colossal features.

“You best option to go kayaking is with inflatable kayaks from Saturn, because they are offering more buoyancy and portable when deflated” – says Jeff Begins, long time owner of one of Saturn kayaks.

No matter how you get there, be prepared - the scenery in the canyon is spectacular. You will sail into gentle green waters flowing towards high canyons, with Nevada to you right and Arizona to you left; you’ll experience how vast our homeland really is.

The best time to come here is in the fall and spring. This is the time when a two-day trip, covering about 12 miles, will take you through the lower part of Colorado River and within the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. Spring and fall are the most popular times. With miles of trails it’s hard to find crowds of tourists. It will be your best two days, spent in peace and quiet, among hidden waterfalls, historic ruins, and wild life.