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Take a Fishing Expedition in the Saturn FK396 Fishing Inflatable Kayak.

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Saturn Inflatable Fishing Kayaks

There’s nothing better than a relaxing day fishing out on your local river. You can enjoy the scenery while casting your line and waiting for the fish to bite. The only negative about a trip like this can be the hassle of getting your boat to and from the water. But with the Saturn FK396 Pro-Angler Fishing Inflatable Kayak, that’s a worry of the past.

The FK396 was built specifically for the avid fisherman. This inflatable kayak comes with 2 aluminum benches that are perfect for mounting rod holders, fish finders, GPS units, and more. The benches can also be used to mount comfortable swivel chairs, or removed altogether and replaced with kayak seats, all within minutes. And if you don’t want to paddle, you can easily replace the rear aluminum bench with a longer plate for a motor attachment.

Another reason the FK396 inflatable kayak is perfect for fishing is its durability. You might think that having an air kayak around your fishing hooks is a bad idea. But when Saturn designed this rubber kayak, they kept that in mind. The boat is made from super strong 1100 Dtex PVC, with a double-layer attached to the tubes and the floor deck specifically to prevent fish hook incidents. Because of this design, punctures in this air kayak are extremely rare. In the rare event that they happen, they are usually minor, and can be quickly fixed with the handy repair kit that comes with the boat for free.

The Saturn FK396 fishing inflatable kayak also performs very well out on the water. This rubber kayak was designed with a narrow profile to make it easy to paddle. It also has a removable fin on the bottom that will help with directional stability. Plus, its rigid high buoyancy tubes and high-pressure air deck make this inflatable kayak just as steady as a standard kayak. That’s perfect if you like to stand up while you fish.

When you’re going out on your fishing expedition, you’ll probably need to bring along a few items. Your rods, reels, cooler, and more must fit in your inflatable kayak, otherwise you can’t stay out on the water very long. With the FK396, that won’t be a problem. It was designed with added storage space in the front and bow under the splash guards. Plus, the new versions of this inflatable kayak have Velcro straps on the tubes to secure the oars, saving you even more space.

Speaking of space, air kayaks like the FK396 take up almost none of it. Forget about mounting them to the roof of your car or docking them behind your house. All you have to do is quickly deflate them, roll them up, and toss them in the complimentary carry bag. Then you can throw your inflatable kayak in the trunk of your car, taking up barely any space. Some more avid fisherman just leave them in the trunk. Others choose to bring them inside and store them in a closet, where you’ll barely even notice them.


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