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11' Inflatable Platform M-DOCK


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11'x7' Motorized Heavy-Duty Inflatable Platform Dock V2

Great for diving, snorkeling, fishing, work, or as inflatable island on a water.

New model V2 now comes with pointed shape, and detachable motor mount to install electric trolling motor, or up to 2.5HP 2 stroke outboard motor.

Just drop this floating dock in a pond, lake or canal, attach small electric motor with battery, put 2-3 beach chairs, cooler, grab fishing rods and you have nice fishing platform for whole day fun.

Great as a dock for kayaks or paddle board. Excellent for swimming and snorkeling. Not a toy, heavy-duty to be used as a work platform for yacht cleaning or maintenance. Wide rub strakes along outer edges of tubes. Self bailing openings in a corners to let water escape.

Made of same heavy-duty materials as Saturn inflatable boats. Heavy-duty tubes and heavy-duty drop stitch air deck floor. Can be carried by 1-2 persons or rolled on a folding hand cart for easy transportation. Place beach chairs or loungers and enjoy your own private island on a budge!

Great as a fun activity platform for yachts. Top surface all covered with large non-skid patch.

  • Made from heavy-duty 1100 Denier German Heytex PVC.
  • 2 separate air chambers - tubes and drop stitch deck.
  • 8 handles, 7 D-rings, non-skid tracking pad on top of drop stitch.
  • LOADING CAPACITY: 1000 lbs
  • MAX MOTOR POWER: 2.5 HP 2 stroke (28lbs max)
  • Included: inflatable dock, hand pump, repair kit, carry bag and motor mount.
  • Width: 7.4'
  • Length: 11.2'
  • Inside Length: 10'
  • Inside Width: 6.2'
  • Tube Diameter: 8"
  • Drop stitch thickness: 6"
  • Weight: to be announced
  • Shipping Size: 41x23x13"
Videos of Older V1 Model of Inflatable Dock Island.
90 lbs
Person Capacity:
Loading Capacity:
1000 lbs
Max Motor Power:
2.5 HP 2 stroke (28lbs max)

Top surface covered with 3 large non-skid patches

Second season with this boat -- I cannot say enough good things about it!! Perfect for 4 people with a 62lb thrust trolling motor or 2.5hp gas motor. Hands down the absolute best boat to putt around on and socialize with friends -- so much space (can even walk around and lounge out). Everyone loves this thing and wants one as soon as they see mine. Get this!

My family and I have been loving every minute we take our Raft/Dock out! We pair it with a trolling motor, beach chairs, and a cooler full of snacks while we troll through the springs on this perfect float. Plus this thing turns heads and makes everyone envious!

We are in absolute love with our dock/raft! It’s so amazing! I’m pretty sure they sold out from all the people who’s jaws dropped when they saw ours. How the trolling motor up, set up tour beach chairs and have magical moments.

We have two, hook them up together, and bring out friends. It’s amazing!!!!!

Very nice and well thought out. I have used it twice with a trolling motor and some paddles. both experiences have been excellent. I have some pics but I don’t see where you can attach them to your review.

Very smart product, it feels like good quality and I am very happy with the purchase price.

Love this. I live on a 20 acre “lake” and this is a perfect little cruiser for me and my family. I hope it is durable but having a blast so far

Very good product, its a really good idea. We will see how long it will last, so far it feels like very sturdy quality and no issues so far. Family really loves it, its made the beach much more fun.

Warning. this thing is huge. I knew the specs but when I actually got it in the water I was stunned. Its long and wide, its very sturdy and we have been having lots of fun with it. Good quality, highly recommend it.

Our family has been having so much fun with this, its like a little island all to ourselves. The kids love jumping off of it and swimming under.
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