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Introducing Inflatable Boat for Diving and Snorkeling!

Posted by   Brittany
inflatable diving snorkeling boat

Spending time out at sea with a bunch of friends and family can be great. Whether on a big fishing expedition, a party on your boat or a day full of watersports, fun in the sun with those closest to you is often an amazing experience. But sometimes you might want something a little more personal. Maybe a day snorkeling or swimming near land by yourself, with your spouse or with your best buddy. That’s why Saturn created the 12’ DK396 Diving Rowing Boat.

The DK396 was based off Saturn’s extremely popular SK396 KaBoat. But this model was tweaked to create an inflatable boat for someone to row to a destination not too far offshore, then use as a platform for diving and snorkeling. The designers did this by removing the transom and adding convenient handles in the rear of the boat, making it significantly easier to enter and exit even if you are out on the water alone. This makes it the perfect vessel to paddle out to the reef for a few hours of spearfishing, diving or snorkeling alone or with a loved one. It even has two holes cut into the front section of the bow for installing your diving flag!

One of the most popular things about KaBoats is their narrow-but-sturdy profile. This allows them to easily cruise through the water and maneuver into and out of tight spots where other boats could never fit, while still remaining extremely comfortable for the rider. The DK396 excels in this area, making it almost effortless to row. That way you can save your energy for snorkeling, diving and swimming!

When designing a new inflatable boat, Saturn focuses on safety as its number one concern. And that’s doubly true with a boat like the DK396, since it will often be operated by only one person. That’s why this new inflatable boat was built incredibly strong. This starts with the heavy-duty 1100 Denier PVC material that it is made from. It also has multiple air chambers, which will allow it to stay afloat in the rare case that one of the chambers is punctured.

The DK396 diving boat is also extremely convenient and versatile. The bench can be easily installed or removed, allowing the rider to choose whether to row from the bench or sit directly on the comfortable floor of the vessel. It can also be deflated and fit into a medium-sized bag, so transportation and storage are easy, convenient and basically cost-free. That will save you a ton of money over the small hard hull boats you may have had in the past.

The best part is, the 12’ DK396 Diving Rowing Boat is part of the current inflatable boat sale going on at right now. Believe it or not, this brand new watercraft is available for 50% off its sale price. That’s only $549, and it includes two rowing oars, a carry bag, a hand pump and a bench!

inflatable boat for diving and snorkeling


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