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Heavy-Duty Military Style Inflatable Boats from BoatsToGo.

Posted by   Brittany

As a military and gun enthusiast, I have always felt that military-style products are the way to go when you are out on the water for a day of fishing, scuba diving, or any type of leisure. And while military-style boats used to be considered by many to be expensive, inconvenient, and bulky, that is no longer the case. Now, there are many different military-styled inflatable boats that offer benefits to every type of consumer. So whether you’re a military enthusiast like me, or you just want a dependable and affordable watercraft for your next fishing trip, the following inflatable military-style boats may be perfect for you.

Limited Edition Black Ops 15’ Boat with Aluminum Floor

One of the things I love most in my boats is durability. That’s one of the main reasons why military-style boats like the limited edition Black Ops version of the inflatable Saturn SD470 is right at the top of my list of favorites. This is a real inflatable military-style boats we are talking about here. No imitations. The 1100 denier Korean PVC fabric this boat is made of is incredibly resistant to tearing in virtually all conditions, including even long-term UV rays. The heavy-duty aluminum floor makes this craft feel solid for the up to eight people who can ride it in at a time. Plus it’s convenient, folding to a size small enough to fit into two bags. And let’s not forget the sleek design that will both turn the heads of other boaters, and make you feel like you are going out on your own mission.

Special Ops Saturn 16' SD470 Inflatable Motor Boat