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What Factors to Consider When Shopping for an Inflatable Boat

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How to Select Inflatable Boats

How To Choose Inflatable Boat?

So you have looked at all of the advantages and disadvantages of hard hull boats versus inflatable boats, and you’ve decided on an inflatable. But now you have another important question to answer... which manufacturer makes the perfect inflatable boat for you and your family. There are many factors that you should consider when you compare inflatable boats. Some of the most important ones are:


While you might want to look at cost first, even the lowest priced vessel is not worth buying if it doesn’t last. That’s why the number one thing you should consider when you compare inflatable boats is quality. And quality starts with the type and thickness of the material that was used to manufacture the raft. For example, many inflatable boat manufacturers use 1000 denier PVC fabric, while others like the Saturn build their vessels with a much stronger 1100 denier heavy-duty PVC fabric, which will help them last much longer.


Going right along with quality is safety, another extremely important factor when shopping for an inflatable boat. Whether you intend to use your new inflatable as a fishing boat, a family leisure boat or a life raft for a bigger boat, you need to make sure it can hold up to the elements and not leave you stranded. To make sure your boat is safe, look for features like double layers of fabric along the bottom of the tubes and rub strake protector along the keel, which will protect your boat from any rocks or objects in its path. You should also make sure you buy an inflatable boat with separate internal air chambers so it will still float safely in the unlikely event that one of the chambers is punctured.


When you compare inflatable boats, it is important to pick one that is convenient and fits your needs. And in this area, all inflatable boats are not equal. Depending upon your situation, you may require a light boat that fits in a small space yet can still carry your entire family. For this, you may want to look at a boat like the Saturn 12’ SD365, which is a big enough boat to hold 5 people comfortably without taking up a ton of room in your house or car. This is because of the high-pressure drop-stich air floor, which is very sturdy when inflated, but can be rolled up into a small space when deflated, allowing the entire vessel to fit into a large bag.


Of course, price is always a factor when shopping for anything. Everyone has a budget that will affect which inflatable boat they purchase. That’s why it is advisable to shop around and look for sales online. A great example of this in the current market is the aforementioned Saturn SD365, which is currently on sale for only $1,099 at, a full 50% off its normal price of $2,198. That’s a great way to get more boat for your buck.

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