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Innovative New Motorized Electric Kayak EK365 Takes the Effort Out of paddling.

Posted by   Brittany
Electric inflatable kayak EK365

Introducing new innovation - inflatable kayak that comes with built-in wooden motor transom, so that users can attach an electric motor to help you get around with ease.

While kayaking can be a great exercise, sometimes wind might be too strong for kayaking, or you might be simply feeling too lazy to paddle. That's where EK365 motorized kayak comes in. Simply attach electric motor to the built-in transom, and it's ready to go in just a few minutes.

Available in 12-foot size to suit individuals of varying heights and weights, and starting at only $599, these innovative motorized kayaks incorporate a cut out and wooden transom in the middle. Easy and convenient, this transom can fold down for streamlined storage when it is not in use. The transom can support electric trolling motors of up to 55 pound of thrust, delivering power and speed to your kayak. For a more relaxed pace, motors as small as 20 pounds of thrust can propel EK365 kayak nice and quite across the water. And you can also stand on it!

It’s like having 3-watercrafts-in-1: stand up paddle board, sit-on-top inflatable kayak and motorboat!

In addition to the transom, the EK365 kayak includes D-rings on the top of the board to attach the motor's battery pack and beach chair. Tie-down straps keep the battery securely in place as users cruise around on the water.

Rounding out the EK365 inflatable kayak amenities are four additional double D-rings on the central sides of the floor. These double D-rings enable users to attach a kayak seat for more adventurous days, or a small beach chair for days when they just want to kick back, relax, and let electric motor do all the work for them. This versatility makes EK365 the only inflatable kayak users will ever need to accommodate their energy level and social plans for a particular day.

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