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The mountain lakes and streams in the Saturn SD410.

Posted by   Brittany
Saturn SD410 Inflatable boats

This my first adventure in a Saturn inflatable boat. I am an outdoorsman, always have been, always will be. I make my money as a guide on the lakes and streams of the North West. I had a small fleet of boats, a miss mash of hard surface hulls and soft inflatable raft type boats. I came upon an ad for a Saturn inflatable boat while surfing the web and as luck would have it I could afford the light price tag.

I bought the SD410 in red, for the color and the roomy interior. My clients want to fish, and swim. They are usually older and more settled and like a fast, flat river trip, rather than the roller coaster ride of the real rapids. The people I work for want to catch lunch, swim and tell stories around the fire side. Relaxing is paramount in their minds, with a bit of riskless adventure thrown in for good measure. The Saturn SD410 inflatable boat was perfect for this type of rafter.

The ultra-safe and lightweight inflatable lake boat make it perfect for the amateur boater, or beginning rower. Weekender often like to come by and take a swim, or go fishing and I like to keep a spare inflatable raft at the ready for those late comers. From the moment I unfolded the boat I knew it would be a success. It was packaged carefully, and ready to be inflated. Almost immediately I was able to hook up my pump and get the river raft up and running. There were two packages, one with the tubes and seats and one with the marine grade aluminum floor. There was a crazy moment when I didn’t get the floor set quite right, but I read the instructions, found my problem and was out in the water right away.

Practically puncture proof and made out of thick 1100 Dtex PVC fabric, this was one tough inflatable dingy. The rubber strike seemed like overkill, being around the whole outside of the inflatable boat, but then that is Saturn, always going the extra mile I soon learned. The interior was made for the fisherman or sportsman, with room both length and width for 7 people maximum or 4 or 5 comfortably. I usually have 4 people per boat. The rigid hull is light and tough, giving the inflatable motor raft excellent performance. That first time on the water in the Saturn SD410, was exhilarating. I felt this solid form beneath me, stable and agile – my gear stowed neatly out of the way, and ready for use. I could stand and cast and also use the 25HP outboard motor I had from previous boats. All around function and versatility the boat was a real workhorse, ready to the legions of naturists who like to take it slow and easy, with a little zip every now and then. I took it for the whole day and when I got back, I deflated the whole boat, folded up the tubes and the floor and found the whole thing fit in the back of my jeep with no trouble at all. Over the next few months I ordered five more SD410 inflatable river rafts. At under $1000.00 each, I felt I was stealing them, rather than purchasing them. But now I am proud to say I use the SD410 inflatable motor raft almost exclusively.


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