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On the water with my Saturn RD365

Posted by   Brittany
Saturn River Raft RD365

I am crazy about the water. Anything to do with rivers in the mountains and I am there. At first I used my friend’s rafts, but soon found myself wanting to go river rafting on my schedule. So I needed a durable inflatable raft, with the maneuverability and size to take on the biggest rapids. With some research I found the Saturn RD365 inflatable river raft. It was a real game changer for me.

I like the whitewater, but I found another way to spend time on the water, in lakes and rivers – fishing and touring. I have to say my inflatable river raft really opened my eyes to the many choices there are on the water.

The gear I carry is important, and the RD365 river raft can stow it all and still have room for people. I found real benefit in the size and lightweight construction. It is a heavy-duty, without being just heavily weighted. The entire raft is made from 1100 Dtex High Strength PVC fabric, coated on both sides with 1100 g/m2, 0.9mm. I had such peace of mind when I found out that this thick material is puncture proof and abrasion resistant.

I take this inflatable river boat on the calm waters and go fishing. That is something I did rarely before I found this inflatable boat, because you couldn’t really stand up in the other brands of inflatable rafts. With the Saturn RD365 inflatable river raft the floor is sturdy and stable, lending itself to extended periods of time standing up. I had tried the other rafts, and found they did okay in the white water but never in the calm waters on lakes and streams. I love camping and the outdoors, but I had always used the hard material canoes for the lakes and streams to fish and swim. With the Saturn RD365 I had a new, more convenient, inflatable river raft that could pull double duty as a lake bound raft, or a stream fishing boat. The ease of setup and break down can’t be rivaled, especially with the included hand pump and carrying bag.

Besides the below $600.00 price tag, the outstanding features of this inflatable river boat were easily seen in the way the body of the boat is made. There are small holes along the bottom sides of the underside of the boat that can be cut out to make the entire inflatable boat self-bailing. That is a great extra because the rapids dump tons of water into the boat. With the tube tops covered in an extra layer of PVC, the top of the boat is protected from punctures. The rub strake is solid and all around the perimeter of the inflatable lake raft. These types of features make this inflatable river boat stand out from the rest. In the features there are Velcro holders on the side, for the kayak paddles, or the removable thwarts. There are even D-Rings strategically positioned for the optional frame and other accessories. I love taking this inflatable river boat on the whitewater or the lake, either way it’s sleek, sturdy and a breeze to use.


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