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What Is So Good About My FK396 Fishing Inflatable Kayak?

Posted by   Brittany
Saturn Inflatable Fishing Kayak

I bought my fishing inflatable kayak in the spring. I was skeptical for several reasons, but the price was right and all the accessories I wanted were available and ready to ship. So I went ahead and ordered everything. I was so satisfied I wanted to write about the experiences I have had with this inflatable kayak. Giving an account of all-around versatility of my affordable fishing inflatable kayak the FK396.

I live in the north right up the river from the harbor. I was never really able to take advantage of the water being so close and so much of it. When I bought the fishing inflatable kayak, I now take my kayaking seriously. I swim, fish, explore and exercise out of my kayak and I have been doing that for some time. My inflatable kayak has opened my eyes. When I go out to fish, it is a dream. The boat is really stable from the high pressure inflatable floor. The floor is extremely rigid when inflated and allowed for standing or sitting with no problem. Because the fishing kayak is slim and long it is easy to maneuver and rowing the kayak is a breeze. I love to fish, and have lots of gear, which stows with no trouble in the inflatable kayaks interior space. With the inflatable floor I was worried all tackle boxes, coolers and other equipment would be hard to handle. There was no problem at all. The high strength 1100 Dtex PVC fabric is double layered on the all around. It is puncture proof and abrasion resistant.

Because the inflatable kayak rolls up into a neat package I am able to put it in the back of my Jeep or the camper trailer. I am able to take the fishing inflatable raft to places I couldn’t take a solid material kayak. Now I can fish on lakes and streams I can only access with a fishing inflatable kayak.

The inflatable kayak comes with two sturdy aluminum benches and you could use those, which I did for a while, to fish from, or row from. But you could attach the foldable swivel boat chair, which allows you to fish or row. Or you could install the 2 regular kayak seats for times when exercise and fun are the call of the day. There is even an option to remove a bench, add a rigid extension and install an outboard motor.

With the narrow profile, the Saturn FK396 inflatable kayak is a breeze to row, especially if you want to bring a friend. The fishing kayak has a multitude of possibilities for any avid kayaker. Whether you are out for an afternoon of fun on the lake, or exploring the fishing in rivers off a deep harbor, this kayak can accommodate. Although, it is not made to go in whitewater, and is not self-bailing, the inflatable FK396 can be customized to allow for the exhilaration of shooting the rapids. The fishing inflatable kayak FK396 is a steal at less than $600.00 and can be accessorized and custom fitted in a multitude of ways.


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