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Bring Your Inflatable Boat on Vacation.

Posted by   Brittany
Saturn 12' Inflatable Boat SD365

Everyone loves going on vacation. Whether it’s a cross-country family journey in an RV, a trip to some far-off destination on a plane, or even a fishing trip with your buddies, having some time to relax and get away does a lot to help us unwind and recharge. But what if you could literally bring your own boat with you on vacation without it costing you any money or taking much effort? Lightweight inflatable boats like the 12’ Saturn SD365 will allow you to do just that.

But how can you take your inflatable boat with you on a cross-country flight? Wouldn’t it be a gigantic pain? The truth is, high quality inflatable boats like the Saturn SD365 were designed with convenience in mind. These lightweight inflatable boats are solid and buoyant when you’re out on the water, but incredibly compact when deflated. One of the main reasons for this is the high-pressure drop stich air floor, which becomes extremely rigid once fully inflated. This removes the need for your inflatable boat to have any type of aluminum or plywood bottom, making it much lighter and smaller once deflated. Just take the air out, pack it up, and you can check it just like any other piece of luggage when you board your plane!

But if the SD365 is so light, how will it ever be able to hold up to the beating it could take out on the water? That’s easy. Saturn designed their high quality inflatable boats out of 1100 denier Korean PVC fabric (most competitors only use 1000 denier). This makes the SD365 inflatable motor boat extra resistant to puncture, tearing, and abrasion. They also added double layers of fabric at the bottom of the tubes, and a rub strake protector along the keel, which acts to provide even more protection from abrasive sand and pointy rocks. In in the rare instance of a puncture, the SD365’s separate internal air chambers will keep your crat afloat until you get back to dry land.

The compact nature of lightweight inflatable boats like the SD365 also gives you other advantages. Just like it can be packed and brought on an airplane, it can also be packed up when you store it at home. It fits neatly in a closet or garage, taking up barely any space at all. And when you want to go out to your local lake, river, or beach for a day in the sun, it fits right in the trunk of your car! This portability and ease of storage will save you a ton of money when compared with traditional boats, which often require docking fees and car trailers. And with a cost of just $1,099, the 12’ Saturn SD365 high quality inflatable boat is the deal of a lifetime!