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Blow Up Boat - Article from Kinetic Shift

Posted by   Brittany

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When things blow up they often go “ka-bomb,” but when the BoatsToGo gets blown up (as in inflated) it becomes a KaBoat. We’re not sure if we’re the only ones that appreciate that joke, but it does describe this crossover that is somewhere between a full-fledged boat and a kayak.

It features a slim hull design that was reportedly modeled after narrow Asian Dragon boats, and this sleek profile allows the KaBoat to glide effortlessly over water at speeds faster than traditional boats, while still providing space for an outboard motor and supplies. As a result the boat travels at faster speeds due to less water resistance, and uses less energy to be propelled in the water as well. But what really turns our heads is that this boat is a lot easier to get in and out of the water.

The KaBoats is available in 12-foot, 14-foot, 16-foot and even an oversized 16-foot version, with prices ranging from $499 to $849. So whether it is half-kayak or half-boat we don’t think this one blows in any way!

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