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Air Floor Vs. Aluminum Floor - Customer's Video Review.

Posted by   Brittany
Customer's video of air floor vs aluminum for inflatable boats

Very descriptive customer's video showing benefits of air floor vs. hard aluminum or wood floor in inflatable boats. Video shows complete assembly of aluminum floor inside Saturn inflatable boat, and then compare to installation of air floor inside inflatable boat.

Customer's review of aluminum floor vs. air floor. Click Play to start.


I once had an cheap inflatable. I found it wonderful for early morning fishing on frigid mountain lakes. I threw a bekins pad on top of me which, combined with the insulated air chambers on the bottom and sides, left me comfortable and warm. The only bad thing was that I would catch a fish from time to time and that would disturb my comforts.
Glad I can be of help! I still remember when I started with inflatables. I was in a dark place during that time in my life and needed a new hobby to get my mind off of things. I began with a Sevylor Rio and quickly discovered how bad that inflatable was. Sold it and looked online for quality inflatables that were affordable. All sources pointed to Saturn boats and I started with a SK396 Kaboat and a 40lb thrust throlling motor. I had so much fun with that Kaboat. I went to Salt Springs, Wekiva Spring and solo camped there too. My final journey with the Kaboat was when I took it to Anclote Key Island to camp there. After camping in the island I realized that I would need a bigger vessel for me to cross ocean waters since the island is 4 miles off the coast in Tarpon Springs. I resorted to naturally and got myself the SD380 model that had the hard floor at the time paired with a 6hp outboard. I eventually upgraded to the airdeck floor hence this video. I am fond of Saturn boats and no this website does not pay me to say these things in any way.
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