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A Perfect Inflatable Kayak for the Serious Fisherman without Serious Storage Space

Posted by   Brittany

I love to fish... and I'm not talking about while standing beside a lake or on a dock. To me, the only way to truly capture the feel of fishing is by being on your own boat out on the water. When I retired to South Florida, I thought I would get a boat and be out there almost every day. But there was one problem. My wife and I decided to buy a condo near the beach as our retirement home, and there was just no place for me to store a boat. Initially, I joined one of those boat clubs where you can access a whole fleet of bloats, but they weren't always there when I wanted one, and it just didn't feel like "my boat." So I decided to do a little research, and what I found made my dream retirement a reality.

After jumping around from boat sales website to boat sales website, I landed at, a website that offers a wide selection of inflatable boats. For some reason, I never gave serious thought to buying an inflatable boat for fishing, but once I started to read about them, it became clear that they were perfect for my situation. But would an inflatable boat satisfy the need of a true fisherman like me? I decided to see for myself, and purchased the Saturn FK396 13’ PRO-Angler Inflatable Fishing Kayak. At price of just $575, how could I really go wrong?

The day it came, I was immediately struck by the size of the package, which could be easily stored in a spare closet with plenty of room to spare. I couldn’t wait to take it out to the water. My wife said I was “giddy as a school boy” as I looked through the contents of the package. I tossed it in the trunk of my car and took my new inflatable kayak to a nearby lake, where I was again amazed at just how easily and quickly I could inflate it with the hand pump it came with. On that first day, I decided to go with the oars that were also included with the boat (though I have since gotten a small motor that I was able to easily mount). I tossed in my fishing gear, shoved off, and away I went. Sadly, I did not have my best luck that day on the fishing side of things, but it certainly wasn’t the fault of my new inflatable kayak. And even though I only caught a couple fish, I felt right at home on my new inflatable boat.

Since then, I have had many successful fishing excursions with my trusty inflatable kayak. It is great for fishing trips on lakes, rivers, and bays. Its ultra-strong material makes me feel incredibly safe, and I have never had any issues with it puncturing or wearing down. The boat is very comfortable and versatile, with the ability to add and remove benches, foldable swivel chairs, or kayak seats very easily. There is also plenty of room in my FK396 inflatable kayak for those days when my wife or buddies want to take a trip out on the water with me. Add that to the high level of performance that comes from its cutting-edge design, and I know I made the right choice. Thanks to my PRO-Angler Series Inflatable Fishing Kayak from, I am now living the retirement that I always dreamed of!

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