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SURF EXPO in Orlando proves great place for Saturn to measure up vs other inflatable paddle boards.

Posted by   Brittany

The Saturn team headed to Orlando this weekend for the semiannual Surf Expo. Paddle board companies were all over the place, and a temporary pool was even set up to demo boards. Over half of the companies who make paddle boards now offer an inflatable model. It seems like people are figuring out what Saturn and its customers have always known: inflatable boats, kayaks, and paddleboards just make more sense!

This gave us a pretty good opportunity to compare our stuff to our competitors, and we liked the results. With so many companies out there, Saturn still has a very unique business model. Get a quality product from manufacturer to customer as efficiently and affordably as possible. We extensively priced other models and brands, and came up the most modestly priced EVERY time at the show. With networks of manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and other people in the supply chain angling for a cut of consumer dollars, prices rise quickly and steeply. Keeping it simple at Saturn helps us avoid bloating our prices, which means we can get more people on the water more often.

Saturn and may just be the only company out there who wants its prospective customers to shop around. The more you look at other companies the better we look. Just do not look around for too long, it may keep you off the water longer than necessary. We want people blowing up their boats, not blowing their budgets.