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16' Special Operations Military Style Inflatable KaBoat.

Posted by   Brittany
09/24/2010 PRESENTS New, 16' long, military styled, extra large KaBoat to support more gear and provide more space. Extra large tubes and extra wide interior makes this SK487XL inflatable KaBoat perfect for any military special operation under cover of darkness,

or expedition along an unexplored coast, or to remote island, or just simple fishing on a weekend with friends. The 16' SK487XL provides even more space and comfort due to the wider inner space between tubes and large diameter chambers. Its 16" diameter extra high buoyancy tubes provides support for even more cargo and passengers. Double layer of PVC fabric at the bottom of tubes provides extra protection against accidental punctures. This model has 4 separate air chambers for extra safety compare to 2 standard chambers of regular KaBoats. This model comes with extra wide rub strike protectors along outer tubes sides, and 140mm thick drop-stitch air floor, which is twice as thick as regular KaBoat air floors. Same type of air floors that is used in our white water river rafts provides more buoyancy and support. If you are worry about air floor being accidentally punctured by gear or fishing hooks, you can use piece of vinyl flooring, from local hardware stores, to be cut out to fit inside KaBoat, and over the floor. SK487XL KaBoats come with 2 sets of oarlocks and 2 sets of rowing order for tandem rowing. With 15HP 2-stroke outboard motor this KaBoat was riding scary fast, it handles sharp turns great, and ...