Recent Customer's Reviews of Azzurro Mare AM385 River Raft:

...I purchased a small frame for the boat and with the easily removable thwarts it made for an easy conversion and an excellent overnight boat, soon my half day trips had extended to 2 or 3 day trips. I began dreaming of bigger and grander adventures until finally I set my sights on the grandest of all river adventures: rafting the grand canyon. I was lucky enough to secure a private party river permit on my first attempt, albeit during the frigid winter months of December/January. Now it was time to select a boat. I knew that while the Azzuro Mare had performed admirably on everything I had thrown at it, at 13ft it was well short of the recommended size for watercraft traveling down the big waters of the Colorado. Against my better judgment and the advice of seasoned canyon rafters I decided to stay with my trusty Azzuro Mare. I rigged the boat up on the beach at Lee’s Ferry Arizona (the put in for the trip) and my excitement grew, I knew at 13ft there would be little margin for error in navigating the massive holes and waves that I would be facing over the next 18 days. As the trip progressed each day brought a unique and exciting challenge, and through all the beauty and grandeur of the canyon the Azzuro triumphed. It had no problem blasted through the infamous “V” wave in Lava Falls, it was maneuverable enough to miss the terrifying pour-over in Crystal rapid, and it handled the gigantic 5th wave in Hermit with grace.

I set out to raft the grand canyon because it sounded like an incredible adventure, but inadvertently I found myself proving that even the biggest river trips can be done on a budget, and rafting doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank for a 4-6 thousand dollar setup. The Azzuro Mare river raft drew me in with its practicality and affordability, but never would I have guessed the lengths it would take me to. So whether your goal is to get out for a fun family activity a few times a summer, or to go on a trip of a lifetime, I believe the Azzuro Mare has the means to take you there.

Kevin B.

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