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Yellowtail Fishing from a Saturn Inflatable Boat.

Posted by   Brittany

Recently, my buddy and I went out to do some Yellowtail fishing. And boy did we have a great trip! The water was perfect. The fish were biting. And most importantly, we had the perfect boat for the occasion. This watercraft is the 12' SD365 Saturn Inflatable Boat, and it has a ton of benefits that would make any fisherman look forward to a beautiful day out on the water.

The Price is Right

No matter who you are, and no matter what it is you are planning to buy, price is a factor. And it was a major factor for me when I went looking for my next fishing boat. In general, inflatable boats are significantly cheaper than their hard hull counterparts. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that you are getting less for your money. In fact, inflatable boats are way better than hard hull boats in certain areas of performance, safety, and durability. And don’t forget how much cheaper and easier they are to both store and move from place to place. Add that to the fact that Saturn inflatable boats are the best priced on the market, and the SD365 inflatable fishing raft was an easy choice.

Comfortable instead of Cramped

One thing my friends and I always want to avoid when heading out for a day of fishing is being cramped on our vessel. We want to enjoy our time in comfort, not have to sit on top of our cooler just to fit in the boat. But with the 12” SD365 Saturn being the largest high-pressure inflatable floor dinghy available, this is certainly not a problem for us. This boat is extra wide, leaving plenty of room for us and all of our supplies. So bring all your coolers and fill them up with fish, just like we did with those Yellowtail!

The King of Convenience

The last thing any fisherman wants after a long day on the water is to have to deal with annoying cleanup, transport, and storage. That’s another reason I chose the SD365. Once the day’s journey is over, all I have to do is quickly deflate the boat by opening all the air valves and either rolling it up or sucking out the air with the pump. Once completely deflated, the boat will fit into one bag that’s small enough to store and transport in the trunk of my car. No loading a boat onto a trailer. No paying for docking. Just deflate and drive away to the comfort of your own home!

Steady and Sturdy

As you can see in the video, those Yellowtail can sometimes put up a fight. But the width and design of the Saturn SD365 helps keep it steady and balanced throughout, allowing me to stand up and reel ’em in. This steadiness goes beyond just balance, extending to the actual materials used to build the boat. Made from ultra-strong 1100 denier Korean PVC fabric with polyester support, the SD365 is very resistant to tearing and puncture. Double layers of fabric at the bottom of the tubes also provide extra protection from sharp objects such as rocks.

The Added Benefit of Versatility

I know I have mostly discussed how great the 12” SD365 Saturn Inflatable Boat is for fishing, but it also has many other uses that allow me to get way more than my money’s worth. First off, the SD365 makes the perfect dinghy or life boat. It can be fitted with up to a 30HP outboard motor, or used with paddles. It can also be used as a nice leisure boat for a day out on the lake with my family. All in all, the Saturn SD365 is the perfect boat for me!