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Tough economy and thinking out of the box brings about a new and unusual product – A crossover between an inflatable Kayak and a Boat – KaBoat!

Posted by   Brittany

Due to difficult economic times, consumers are cutting down on just about everything! However, outdoor recreations, such as boating and fishing still remain within reach of budget-conscious consumers, thanks to the a new and revolutionary invention. A crossover between an inflatable kayak and an inflatable boat – an inflatable kayak with a plywood transom - KaBoat!

A crossover between inflatable kayaks and inflatable boats, KaBoats represent the best of both worlds. Modeled after narrow Asian Dragon boats and due to their narrow profile, KaBoats can go faster then standard inflatable boats with lower rated engines.

To use it as a regular kayak, just paddle it anywhere, such as on the: ocean, bay, river or lake. If you get tired, just use an electric or gas engine installed on the marine grade plywood transom. The KaBoat is extremely portable and will fit in a medium size bag. The KaBoat is light, and will run great with an inexpensive electric or small gas engine.

KaBoats can be easily paddled with regular kayak paddles, allowing them to visit extremely shallow or narrow places. KaBoats are very stable. Customers can stand while fly-fishing and even get into those narrow spots where most other boats can't go, to get the best fishing.

“I purchased KaBoat and love it,” Kevin of Richmond, VA said. “The boat is better quality than expected and is great since I live in an apartment. Set up time from the back of my mini-van to water is about 5 minutes; I can often set it up and be out in the water before larger solid-hull boats can get off of their trailers and going. With my small outboard this things zips and since it doesn't weigh much at all, I barely use a gallon of gas all day. Anyways thanks for making a fantastic boat that I can afford on a college budget."

“Your KaBoats are GREAT,” Alex of Ontario, Canada added. “Making 10 mph (controlled by Garmin GPS) with 2 peoples on 2.5HP Suzuki outboard!"

Starting just at $499, KaBoats were so popular, that entire stock was sold out just in a couple of weeks! However, more KaBoats are under way and can be reserved at