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TIPS on riding and surfing with a Saturn Inflatable PaddleBoard for the first time.

Posted by   Brittany

Today was Victoria's first time with a Saturn Inflatable Paddle Board. So how did she handle it and how easy was it to ride for the first time? Well... She loved it and learned how to ride in no time at all. Not only is stand up paddle boarding some of the most fun you can have on the ocean, but it's also a great workout for your body. So here are some quick tips about how to ride and even surf using a Saturn Inflatable Kayak:


1. Have the right attitude. You dont have to be a pro surfer to get out in the waves on your stand up paddle board. Start in calmer water to get the hang of the basics. The technique you learn in small waves is the basics for riding, no matter how big the waves are that you intend to ride.

2. Gain stronger control. As you ride, be sure to try for harder and harder strokes as well as longer and more controlled strokes. This way you will become stronger and more in control on the paddle board. You will increase your capabilities and become much more effective when tackling other aspects of paddle boarding later.

3. Learn how to turn. Learning when and how to turn are the key elements of catching a wave. First you need to choose the wave you are going to catch. Then you have to turn your board as quickly as possible so you can start paddling toward the shore.

4. Catch the Wave! This is where your paddling skills come in. As soon as you have chosen your wave and made the turn begin to paddle with the nose of your board pointing just a bit up. You need to get up enough speed to catch the wave as it approaches. Paddle paddle paddle. Once the wave comes it should pick you up and allow you to cruise right into shore.

Follow these steps and you too can learn how to paddle board and even surf on your first time out. Victoria in the video did and this was her very first time on a paddle board!