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Why is the SD330 Inflatable Boat Saturn’s Top Seller?

Posted by   Brittany
Saturn 11' inflatable boat

As one of the top inflatable boat manufacturers in the world, Saturn has a ton of different vessels in its fleet. From small and inexpensive inflatable boats that work perfect as dinghies, to huge inflatable boats that fit multiple families, to inflatable SUPs and kayaks, the options are endless. But one inflatable boat stands out as Saturn’s bestselling model year after year. That boat is the 11’ SD330, and here are some of the reasons it’s so popular:

Versatility. At 11’ long by 7.1’ wide, the SD330 inflatable boat can be used for many things. It is just small enough to make the perfect tender or lifesaving raft for any yacht or sailboat, yet big enough to be the weekend craft for a nice family of four. The rigid, high-pressure drop-stitch air floor makes it one of the best inflatable boats for fishing, while its lightweight hull makes it a fun vessel to speed around an ocean or lake with.

Price and Affordability. At just $950, the SD330 is truly one of the most inexpensive inflatable boats of this size and performance level. But that’s not the only thing that makes it affordable. The air floor makes it easy to deflate and extremely compact once all the air is taken out. This will allow you to keep it in small spaces, avoiding any expense that may come with storing large items. This is also one of the main reasons that inflatable boats like the SD330 are significantly more affordable than hard hull boats, as you don’t have to pay for docking fees.

Durability. If you don’t know a lot about inflatable boats, you might not realize how tough and durable a boat like the SD330 really is. Saturn is one of the inflatable boat manufacturers that really cares about durability, which is why they built the SD330 out of extremely strong 1100 denier Korean PVC fabric with polyester support (most competitors only use 1000 denier PVC). Saturn also used double layers of PVC fabric on the tubes, and a rub strake protector along the keel to provide even more protection from sand and rocks. This design makes the SD330 one of the best inflatable boats when it comes to resting any punctures, abrasions, ripping, and tearing.

Convenience. We previously discussed how easy the SD330 is to deflate and store. This makes owning it incredibly convenient. Gone are the days of storing your hard hull boat either behind your house or in a boat yard, then loading it up on your bulky trailer and towing it to the water. With the SD300, you can just store it in your small closet, toss it in the trunk of your car, and you’ll be out on the water in no time. You can even pack it and take it with you on an airplane so your family can get out on the water while on vacation.


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