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SUP Rowing Frame

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Rowing Frame for Paddle Boards, Kayaks, small rafts and KaBoats.

Rowing is not only great exercise, but also more efficient and faster than paddling with kayak or SUP paddles. Rowing is most ancient form of transportation on a water. Before sails and motors, there was rowing.

Our new add-on rowing frame for SUP paddle boards, can also be installed on small river rafts, kayaks and narrow KaBoats. It is simple, easy to assemble H frame, with 2 sturdy rowing arms and oarlocks. Rowing frame can be attached to paddle boards, rafts, kayaks and KaBoats with optional tie downs, secured to D-rings or seat straps. If no attachment points exists, such as with regular hard body non-inflatable paddle boards, then optional tie down lashing straps can be run under hull of vessel, to press frame against its top surface.

Inexpensive lashing tie downs are sold on Amazon and local Walmart. Will need at least 4 tie downs. Can be cut shorter if needed, and ends can be sealed with open flames to prevent fraying.

There are 2 seating options available with rowing frame. Either $10 Walmart low profile sand beach chair, placed on top of paddle board, and secured with optional tie downs. Or, fishing seat bolted to the top of frame, with or without swivel and quick disconnect. Top of frame has 4 holes, designed to match holes on bottom of folding fishing seats or casting seats. Folding fishing or casting seats can be purchased on Amazon or local Walmart. Optional swivel platform or quick disconnect can be used to have seat rotate on top of rowing frame or quickly removed.

  • Rowing frame comes with 2 included stainless steel oarlocks.
  • Rowing oars NOT included.
  • Optional SUP paddles great as rowing oars.
  • Shipping size: 4x4x37", weight 7 lbs.
  • Product weight: 6 lbs
  • Download Assembly Instructions.

Paddle board rowing and sailing.

Rowing frame on KaBoat SK396.

Rowing frame mounted on inflatable SUP

Customer's video using row frame on small Intex inflatable

Sup rowing is fun. We offer cheap rowing frames. Rowing frame for sup is great exercise. Paddle board rowing is best outdoor activity. Sup rower from Saturn is affordable fun. Rowing Unit for SUPs available at discount prices. Sup rowing kit on sale along with kayak rowing kits. Sup rowing conversion from Saturn starts at only $69! Stand up rowing board with Saturn frame is great gift. Ultra affordable oar board from Saturn.

Can you add a sliding rail onto this rig? 2 rails for both sides would be great, but probably just one rail like in cheap rowing machines would do.
also lower the arms a tad bit
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Assembly Steps (Rowing-Frame-Assembly-Instructions.jpg, 878 Kb) [Download]

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: How to minimize metal on metal vibration when rowing?

Answer: To reduce vibration and clacking noise, install optional soft washer between oarlock and rowing arm. You can either purchase optional rubber or nylon washer in local hardware store. Or, simply cut out one from piece of rubber, or foam or felt.

Question: How to make rowing frame to sit more snugly on hard paddle board and avoid scratches to surface?

Answer: Apply 1" wide self adhesive rubber or foam tape on a bottom of aluminum frame. Self adhesive rubber tape can be purchased on Amazon.

Question: How to move seat closer to rowing arms?

Answer: Remove 2 perpendicular tubes where you mount seat, and move it closer on a long tubes. Then drill new holes where you want tubes to me, and re-install screws.

Question: How to make rowing arm removable for more portable storage?

Answer: Replace provided bolts that secure rowing arm to main frame by replacing with optional wing or thumb bolts. Then you can easily slide rowing arms from main frame and secure back with thumb bolts if needed. Apply WD40 to minimize corrosion and make it easier to assemble and disassemble.