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My Saturn inflatable paddle board even propelled me into my first SUP race last June where I placed 4th overall in a race of 50 racers!

Posted by   Brittany

It has been a little over a year since our family bought a new Saturn 12' SUP and we can't even begin to tell you how much fun it's been for our family. After doing a lot of research, I concluded that the Saturn 12' that converts into a kayak was the best choice for us. Perhaps the best part is that we can all use it together as a family (we have twin 5 year old boys). This is one feature of the SUP that makes it unique and so useful for our family. I just wish we had bought it sooner!

Since I first tried SUP in Hawaii a few years back, it got me hooked. I wanted to get an inflatable board that was easy to inflate/deflate, easy to pack and something that our entire family could use. I tried several models and was not quite sure which one to buy. I knew it had to be an inflatable, but all of the ones we tried were so expensive. We wanted one that was affordable, yet good quality. I learned about the Saturn model from a friend. I watched all the videos on the website and it was a no brainer. Saturn was the one for us! The minute we got it last March, I inflated it right away in the house and was so excited I wanted to take it out in the snow! It was super easy to inflate and takes about 300 pumps to fully inflate and about 5 minutes to pump up. Not very long, and very easy!

The Saturn board fit's all of our criteria and makes all of our trips to our local lake great memories. I love how our kids who are 5 year old twins can paddle by themselves. They caught on so quickly and it was so impressive to watch. In fact when we have guests in town and are looking for something to do, we head to the lake and I give them a lesson on our Saturn. I have had all of my family and friends try out our board and they all really like SUPing. I recommend the Saturn SUP to each person that tries it. Most of the feedback I get from people about it is that it's so convenient, fun and that the Saturn is very cost effective. I love telling people that we bought a SUP! I always get a lot of looks like they are jealous of our find!

I also travel in-between CO and UT for work. When I do travel in the summer, my Saturn SUP always accompanies me in the car and it's very easy to find a place to take a quick work break and squeeze in an hour paddle. It is the most relaxing time for me after a long day of work (I am in sales).

My Saturn inflatable paddle board even propelled me into my first SUP race last June where I placed 4th overall in a race of 50 racers! All due to the purchase of our Saturn board.

One of the other features of the board that we like as well as the SUP is that it converts into a Kayak. We bought the seats with the board and they fit on very easy. We also bought a paddle that converts from a SUP to a double sided kayak paddle. This way we can go from SUP to Kayak in a matter of minutes and the entire family can be included. We each take turns paddling and have a lot of fun! Our boys have mentioned to us lately that they want to bring our fishing rods on the board and fish off it as well…adding to the fun!

Overall, we have been very happy with our Saturn SUP board. I really believe that it is one of the best investments out family has made as we all get to participate in SUP and Kayaking on each and every trip. So many people ask us where we got it when we are at the lake and I always tell them boats to go! We are actually thinking about buying another one soon for our kids when they get older. Thanks to Saturn for making our summers tons of fun!


Highlands Ranch, CO