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Go Big or Go Home with the 18’ SD518 Inflatable Boat.

Posted by   Brittany
Large Inflatable Boats from Saturn

If you’re looking to purchase a good-sized watercraft, your first instinct may be to go out and buy yourself a traditional hard hull boat. For many people, these are the only types of boats they’ve ever considered, especially when they’re looking for something bigger than a little dinghy. But before you go out and spends thousands of dollars on a hard hull boat, you might want to consider taking a look at a large inflatable boat like the Saturn SD518.

The Saturn SD518 is 18 feet long and 6.6 feet wide, giving it a ton of space for everything you might need. With a loading capacity of 2,500 pounds, this big inflatable boat can seat up to 10 passengers comfortably at any given time. In fact, the grab safety rope has even been moved off-center specifically to create a more comfortable seating surface atop the oversized tubes. And because of its lightweight build, you don’t even need a large motor, as 25HP will be more than enough to push it sleekly through the water. And when it’s deflated, it slips nicely into two bags that are small enough to fit into the back of an SUV or minivan, removing the need to for a boat trailer, docking, or major storage.

Because of its rigid nature and immense storage space, the extra Huge SD518 is considered one of the best inflatable boats for fishing. This not only applies to a trip out on the water with your buddies, but also to certain commercial fishing ventures like charters. It also has other great commercial uses, with many scuba companies using it as their main vessel for getting students out on the water for lessons and excursions. Same can be said for commercial snorkeling companies, who can take multiple clients out at once on this big inflatable boat.

Large inflatable boats are also great family purchases. At $1,699, the SD516 is much more affordable than a traditional boat. In addition to its low up-front cost, having an inflatable boat will also save you a ton of money on docking, cleaning, and transportation. Often, two families that are close friends will split the cost of a big inflatable boat like the SD516, then spend weekends out on the water enjoying their leisure time together.

Unlike some of the smaller inflatable boats, the SD516 comes equipped with a sectional aluminum floor and a bow section made of marine grade plywood. These help keep this large inflatable boat sturdy out on the water. But don’t worry, these features were designed in a way that maximizes convenience and portability. They are easy to install and remove, and fit perfectly in a bag. In fact, this entire 18 foot high quality inflatable boat fits in only 2 bags. Now that’s what I call convenience!