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Whitewater Stand Up Paddle Boards Exploring South America.

Posted by   Brittany

"Tropical paradise" is usually a degree an over-glorified term. After all, the tropics area hot, humid, full of mosquitos, and disease-riddled bugs. Still, there are a images of good locales within the planet of ours, with enough water and sun to live an adventurous outdoor life, and for whitewater board paddling. That image can be a great sub-tropical post card, if sent from South America.

This tiny country sits on the equator and is somewhat politically stable, according to geo-political monitors, people here are friendly, and reasonable. It additionally happens to own the chain of mountains running straight through its heartland to the Pacific Ocean, waiting for you in the west, as the wet Amazon basin looms its green jungles in the east. Between these geographical dominants sits a highland laced with watercourse canyons. With annual precipitation of over 1,200 millimeters in most mountain locales, there's a good area to launch a paddle board each every few kilometers, and most of them tumble downhill in a fair gradient profile that produces them neither too arduous or to mellow. This can be the dominion of the boulder-garden category IV fast. You can get in this tropical paradise, and you can even bring your own paddle board. Local guides use wooden made kayaks, but you recommended bringing an inflatable paddle board, because there is a bit of hiking to the water. There are many different brands you can get, for example Saturn. But you must make sure it’s made out of double stich layer fabric, because the basin floor is mostly rocks and branches of prehistoric trees that lay untouched here since the time of the dinosaurs.

There are areas, parts of the nearby jungle that are seasonally flooded with rising water due to tropical downpours, but that means you can have many fascinating high water days, and explore the jungle even further. However, never turn your back on the weather here, as you should never do whitewater paddleboarding, if you are not an expert. The rain season falls on April, but downpours can happen anytime, anywhere below the equator. It’s easy to get lost or get stuck in the white water currents, if you don’t know how to paddle in white water.

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