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Flip Up Boat Launching Wheels

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Flip-up Dinghy Wheels for Inflatable Boats and KaBoats XL.

FREE BONUS - Additional Mounting Plate to DETACH wheels from transom.

Easily attaches to almost any inflatable boat or KaBoat up to 200 lbs of total weight. Flip up wheels provide effortless boat transport over pavement, beach, or other surface without need of of moving heavy boat by 2 people. No longer struggle to hold your boat and do away with the chance of damaging it by dragging it. Allows easy lunch of heavy boat or KaBoat by only one person. Wheels flip up out of the way when not in use.

Flip up wheels has 3 positions wheel locking function. Wheels easily lock up when not in use and easily fold down for boat moving. Easily installed on wood, fibeglass, or aluminum transoms. Free from Corroding and rusting including sunlight and salt-water. Wheels are maintenance free and self lubricating. Please measure your boat transom to make sure that wheel base will fit in designated space. Wheel base dimensions posted in pictures.

  • This inexpensive dinghy wheels made of marine grade nylon.
  • Shipping size 14x10x6"
  • Suitable for boats as much as 13' / 200 lbs
  • Easy installation on wood, breglass, aluminum transoms.
  • Wheels flip up out of the best way when not in use.
  • Proof against the weather including sunlight and salt-water
  • Wheels are maintenance free and self lubricating
  • Installation: simply attach two brackets to transom of your boat.
  • Constructed of lightweight.
  • Fixing plate 5 7/8" x 3 7/8";
  • Height 103/4"; wheel diameter 5 1/2"
  • Mounting hole diameter 1/4"
  • Sold in pairs
  • FREE BONUS: Additional mounting plate to make wheels detachable!

These wheels are perfect for launching your boat at the boat ramp. They're also handy for moving the boat around the garage or driveway whenever it's inflated. They are sturdy enough that you can mount the outboard & easily roll the boat down the ramp. If the ramp is steep you might need a helper pulling it back up the hill.

These are intended to stay permanently mounted on the transom. They added about an inch to the thickness of my 12' Mars when folded. Without the wheels, it was 15" thick and with them, it is 2'x 4'x 16" thick.

If you'll be rolling your boat on unpaved surfaces I'd recommend the larger type wheels.

These are so convenient, so easy to install and it makes life so much easier.
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