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How to install fishing chairs on inflatable boat benches

Posted by   Brittany
how to mount fishing seat on top of inflatable boat benches

It is easy to install folding fishing seats with back support on top of aluminum benches of inflatable boat. Simply drill 4 holes to match holes in a bottom of fishing seat, and bolt them either directly to benches, or to quick disconnect, or to swivel platform. Use piece of paper to imprint holes location on bottom of your fishing chair, and then transfer locations of these imprints into aluminum benches to drill matching holes. Decide first where you want these holes. But, usually bench can be flipped over 180 degree, if you want to move seat from left to right and other way around.

However, it is not enough to simply bolt fishing seats on top of benches. Because, if you lean with your weight over back support, bench may simply fell out from seating straps holding it, and you can flip backward, which might result in injury. Therefore it is important to create frame, by joining 2 benches together with help of 2 square aluminum tubes, long enough to reach from one bench to another. Once 2 square tubes joining 2 aluminum benches together, that will create rigid frame.

Square tubes can be quickly attached or disconnected from benches with help of thumb bolts or wing nuts. 1 hole on each bench should be enough to secure both ends of square tube. Use quick disconnect sold on Amazon or Ebay if you need to easily remove fishing seat from bench for storage. Use swivel platform if you want fishing seat to rotate around.

How to mount fishing seat on top of aluminum benches of inflatable boat


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