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Posted by   Brittany

Do you intend to use inflatable boats as a dinghy, tender, fishing, diving, hunting, or just weekend gateway? Then it is important that your boat will be capable of rolling up. A well constructed inflatable boat hull should be light, easy to maintain and repair.

We offer Saturn dinghies, tenders, large inflatables boats and roll-ups. The high performance roll-up Saturn inflatable boat is designed with ease of storage and a low overall weight in mind. Saturn inflatable boats models with drop-stitch air floors can be rolled up and stored with the floor system still inside the boat. Assembly is as simple as to inflate the boat and a floor.

If you buy Saturn, you are buying the right Inflatable Boat for you need! The fully collapsible Saturn inflatable boat models offer a rigid floor system. The floor system is typically made of high-pressure drop-stitch fabric, marine plywood or aluminum plates. The horsepower rating is typically higher for plywood or aluminum floor boat models than roll-ups with air floors.

Saturn boats are made of 1100 denier PVC fabric with polyester fabric reinforcement. PVC fabrics with polyester reinforcement are measured in Denier or Decitex. Denier is the weight in grams of a 9,000 meter strand of yarn. Decitex is the equivalent for a strand of 10,000 meters. The higher the Denier or Decitex number, the stronger the material is. In general 1,100 Decitex approximately = 1,000 Denier.

All Satrn inflatale boats coming with rubbing strake protector along tubes sides. The rubbing strake is the tough rubber strip that goes around the boat to protect it against abrasions. It also protects any vessel to which the boat is being moored.

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