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BoatstoGo Introduces a New Extra Heavy-Duty Inflatable Fishing Boat FB300.

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Fishing Inflatable Boat FB300

Fish anytime, anywhere in Saturn’s new FB300 10’ Extra Heavy-Duty Inflatable Fishing Boat! New for 2020, this vessel is perfect for the serious fisherman or sportsman to take out on the lake or ocean for all day fun in the sun.

Saturn specifically designed and built this high-tech inflatable fishing boat to be strong enough to withstand anything you might put it through. It can handle whatever you want to throw at it, including fishing hooks! The super strong, heavy-duty design starts with the commercial grade 1100 Denier PVC it’s made from. But that wasn’t enough for Saturn! They wanted to be sure that when you compare inflatable boats to each other, this one was the strongest and safest. That’s why they added extra thick rub protectors on the bottom of the tubes, the top of the tubes and over the keel. They also made the entire bottom of this raft out extra heavy-duty 1.5mm PVC fabric, giving it more protection than any other inflatable boat on the market today. Simply put, it is virtually impenetrable!

In addition to making this inflatable fishing boat into the strongest on the market, Saturn also addressed one of any fisherman’s biggest needs… lack of space inside the boat. They did this with their patent pending cargo lacing system, which allows you to safely move a lot of your cargo form inside the boat to over the tubes for storage. This will give you plenty of space for sitting and, most importantly, storing all the fish you catch!

When they started planning the FB300, Saturn’s designers wanted to be sure that when you compare inflatable boats, theirs had the best of everything. So they made sure this beautiful vessel had anything you could want in an inflatable fishing boat. This includes two sockets for detachable fishing rod holders, an extra heavy-duty aluminum floor for added protection and stability and numerous D-rings and grommet eyelets. And when you buy your new FB300 from BoatsToGo, they will even throw in a motor mount suitable for an up to 55lbs electric trolling motor as a free gift! In addition, your new inflatable fishing boat will also come with folding aluminum rowing oars, a hand pump, a repair kit, a carry bag, two aluminum benches and an anchor rope absolutely free!

With all these incredible features and free gifts, you would expect the Saturn FB300 10’ Extra Heavy-Duty Inflatable Fishing Boat to cost you an arm and a leg. But right now it is on sale on for only $1099, which is a full 50% off its normal retail price of $2,198! At that price you will be able to go out for a serious day of fishing on your new vessel with a huge smile on your face and come back to shore with a boatload of fresh catch!

Saturn Fishing Inflatable Boat


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