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Fishing from a BoatsToGo inflatable boat to save valuable time and money.

Posted by   Brittany

With only so many hours in the day and dollars in our wallets, we at Saturn Boats are always looking to waste as little as possible. Our line of inflatable watercraft really allow for the most efficient boating and fishing experience you can find, utilizing the minimum dollar and allowing for maximum time on the water. Though you can completely rig up on of our boats with a trailer and outboard motor and gas can, you also have the option of showing up, blowing up your boat, grab the pole and go.

If your boat is on the trailer you will find it easily loaded and unloaded, especially compared to a comparable (or incomparable) fiberglass or aluminum boat. Saturn inflatables are easier to maneuver under power, and easier to pull and push into place at the dock than their bulky cousins. Why spend so much time at the dock when you really want to be on the water, casting for that next meal or trophy?

Looking for the simplest approach to getting on the water, baiting instead of waiting?Show up to the beach, dock, marina, or that canal behind the house, pop the trunk and blow your boat up. Using the included oars or one of our trolling motors, you can be on those fish in minutes in stealthy fashion.

Choose from the roomy boats, with enough room for all your gear and buddies, especially perfect for a day of angling with the kids. Anyone looking for more speed and able to give up a little bit of space will really love the KaBoat, a hybrid between our traditional boat and a kayak. Lastly, the fisherman looking for the ultimate in stealth and maneuverability will be wanting to take a look at our line of kayaks.

Whatever your intentions for the day, no one wants to waste a minute of their recreation time trailering and priming a fishing trip. Saturn boats and kayaks will get you on the water easier than you ever imagined, at a price anyone can appreciate. We want you to struggle with that next fish, not buying the boat to land him.