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The Saturn Extra Huge 18’ SD518: Leisurely Boating at Its Finest

Posted by   Brittany
Saturn SD518 Inflatable Boats

When people hear the term “inflatable boat,” the image that often pops into their heads is one of an old little dinghy with holes patched up by duct tape. That image couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to the rubber boats made by top-of-the-line companies like Saturn. Modern technology has allowed for massive improvements in rubber boats, often putting them right on par with their hard-hull counterparts. This is especially true when it comes to the Extra Huge 18’ SD518 Saturn Barge Inflatable Boat.

The SD518 can do basically anything you want it to do. At a massive 18 feet long and 6.6 feet wide, it is perfect for a leisurely day out on the water with a bunch of family and friends, seating up to 10 people. It is also great for any trip that requires you to carry a lot of cargo, as there’s certainly plenty of room for that. Many people use it for fishing expeditions, as it’s able to carry all of their gear, along with plenty of food and water.

The SD518 Saturn Inflatable boat has an incredibly high loading capacity of 2,500 pounds. But how can it carry all that weight? It all starts with the smart V-shape design that was specifically chosen to support larger freight. The sectional aluminum floor is durable as a boat that’s designed to handle the harshest waters imaginable.

With all this loading capacity, you’d think this inflatable boat would be cumbersome and difficult to deal with. But the truth is, when you deflate it, it only weighs 270 pounds. That makes it easy to move with a handcart or a friend. And it won’t even take up much room in your home, storing easily in a garage and leaving plenty of room for you to still pull your car in. Compare that to a 18’ hard hull boat that requires storage and a trailer, which can cost a ton of money.

You also won’t lose any performance with the SD518. It is light in weight, so it moves great with just a small outboard motor. Even a small 15HP will push this inflatable boat quickly through the water. It is also very safe, having 3 separate air chambers that will allow it to stay afloat in the unfortunate situation where there is an accident. And all for the cost of only $1,699.00, which includes a 2-year manufacturer warranty on the seams and the transom.