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Saturn SD365 inflatable boat overview.

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Saturn SD365 inflatable boat

In the southernmost tip of the eastern USA, there are endless types and sizes of water bodies. The means endless fun and adventure for my Saturn inflatable boat. When I first got my Saturn, it was to replace a canoe I had since I was a kid. I wanted something I could row and put an outboard motor on and an inflatable raft seemed like just the boat for me.

The two aspects that stand out for my Saturn is versatility and portability. Forget the trailer, and needing dock space – even my canoe was out done. With the Saturn I can go from the gulf to the intercostal in no time at all. I can motor in the keys or breach the surf on the beach. There is no end to the things we can do in our inflatable boat.

Part of the versatility is the size of the raft, when the watercraft is inflated it is only 12 feet long and 6 feet wide, and weighs under a 100 pounds. The deflated raft is small enough to fit in the trunk of my car – and stows away in a closet in my condo.

The construction only adds to the pros this inflatable boat presents to the average boater like me. I am not a college grad, but I know boats and the Saturn 12’ inflatable boat is a workhorse with commercial grade attributes. The boat is made of layers of heavy PVC that keeps it high in the water and practically puncture proof. The strake is rubber and surrounds the outside of the inflatable boat with a protruding strip of protection from abrasions. There are rocks and debris that can puncture an inflatable raft all throughout the keys, canals and bays. The Saturn is resistant to all types of punctures.

For safety there are the 4 individual baffled air chambers, with the air valves on the inside of the tubes, so they are hidden while inflated and easier to manage when inflating the boat. My inflatable raft has a pair of dingy wheels that attach at the transom for greater portability. They are removable and small enough to stow with the deflated dingy. There is splash guards and grab lines on around the outside of the tubes, as well as splash guards on transom corners for stability and shade from the direct sun on the transom.

On a weekend out we can count on our Saturn inflatable boat to take us where we want to go and go where we want to take it. It is streamlined and commercial grade, is the best in all of the waterways. We can take the raft on the canals and bays, then deflate it, roll it up and take it to the intercostal and the keys. We can spend weekends exploring places we never thought we would go, but with an inflatable raft, we can row or power just about anywhere. All these features and attributes for $1100.00 for the boat, with high volume hand pump, repair kit and aluminum oars. We’re thinking of getting another one, even bigger, just because of all the gear we’ve collected from our trips out in the Saturn SD365.

Saturn SD365 Inflatable Boat

Saturn SD365 Inflatable Boat - Custom Project ( Rob's Workshop)


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