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Kayaking, fun and easy with the Saturn OK420

Posted by   Brittany
Saturn Ocean Inflatable Kayak

Kayaking has become a nearly national pastime. It is fun and educational, as well as good exercise. The fact that the inflatable kayak is top contender in its class is no surprise. The Saturn OK420 is a commercial grade inflatable kayak that stands out from the crowd. There are some very good reasons this kayak stands out.

This affordable inflatable kayak is easy to set up. Right out of the box it is rolled out and quickly inflated to full pressure. Then it’s off to the water and a day of fun. It is just that simple. The features of this inflatable kayak are varied and new.

The OK420 is heavy duty 1100 Dtex high strength PVC fabric coated on both sides 0.9mm thick. Making it puncture proof and abrasion resistant, with a strike around the whole perimeter of the inflatable boat for extra protection. Hitting the waves in a sturdy inflatable kayak couldn’t be more fun, except when you have the extra confidence of double coated layers of protection.

• The floor of this well-built inflatable kayak is a 100mm high pressure air deck that very rigid when inflated.

• The OK420 also has stainless steel D Rings though out the boat for securing seats and cargo, for both safety and rowing ease.

• Portability is always a concern of Kayakers and this watercraft is extremely portable, weighing less than 100 lb. rolled up and in its carry bag.

• Owing to the fabric used in making this inflatable kayak the OK420 can be used in many types of water including

o Surf

o Open Ocean

o Rivers

o Lakes

o Canals

o Bays

o Inlets

o Keys

Not only can these inflatable kayaks go in rivers, lakes or bays, but also in the ocean and surf where water from the waves breaking over the gunwale can easily escape out the holes along the bottom of the boat. The catamaran hull design helps maintain stability and reduces friction in the water. One of the inflatable kayaks most important attribute is just about anyone can own one, you don’t need a bulky trailer, or extra room in your yard, you won’t have to store it in a yacht club or boatyard over the winter, this kayak can be stored in a closet or basement or attic. It goes just about anywhere when deflated.

The high raised seats are perfect for fly casting and surf casting, for the avid fisherman. There are two removable fins on the hull that increase steering ability and directionality, as well as stabilize the Inflatable kayak in rougher, or higher seas. Along with other features, the Kayak is outfitted with industry standard Halkey-Roberts flat valves with the push pin design. And every OK420 ocean inflatable kayak comes with a bungee cord for securing cargo.

Some of the kayakers have been reporting a higher standard of quality from a plastic kayak, or even the fiberglass bodied kayaks. The inflatable kayaks can go practically anywhere and travel very well. There is even an optional dolly cart to wheel your purchase around.


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