MP3/FM Stereo Speaker Player with Waterproof Bag.

Enjoy your favorite music tunes on a boat, kayak, beach, picnic, campground, home, office, or anywhere else. Our Portable MP3 Boombox Stereo System comes in a very small package that easily fits in your pocket, but comes with impressive sound quality, and at a very affordable price! Own it today and turn any gathering of friends or relatives into an instant party! 

Our Portable MP3 Boombox Stereo System plays your favorite MP3 songs directly from a portable SD Memory Card, or USB Flash Drive. An In-line auxiliary connection allows playback from your iPhone, iPod, or any other music device. 

Our Portable MP3 Boombox Stereo System also comes with an easy to use FM Radio. Just press the Play button to scan and add all available local radio stations to presets.

The Portable MP3 Boombox Stereo System is very easy to use. No complicated menus and displays. Just 3 large buttons to make it a breeze to operate, even by the technically challenged or elderly! 

Makes a great gift for your parents too! Just mail them your music collection on an SD Card in an envelope, for easy plug-and-play, helping them eliminate the guesswork in getting new music!

Our MP3 boombox makes it easy to share music with your friends! If your friend likes the music playing on your MP3 Boombox, just remove the portable media and give it to your friend to copy MP3 files to his or her computer. Simple and easy! Good luck trying that with an iPhone or iPod!

Our new, innovative MP3 boombox is also great to use wile riding bicycle as a bike radio. It can be attached to bike handle bar with optional Garmin mount sold on Ebay for abut $2-$5. See pictures below showing bicycle radio attachment using Garmin handlebar mount.

Bottom line, why do you want it? Because it is the only portable and affordable system in the World, ready for the outdoor elements, allowing you to playback MP3 music files copied from a computer to an SD Card or USB Flash Drive. No need for complex syncs with PC software, just drag and drop MP3 files from your PC to stamp-sized SD Card or portable USB drive, and insert it into Portable MP3 Boombox Stereo System for instant playback.

Main benefits:

  • Excellent quality sound!
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Built-in easy to use FM Radio.
  • Loud 3W+3W high-fidelity speakers.
  • Up 4-5 hours playback time on one charge.
  • FREE waterproof and dirt proof dry bag included!
  • FREE Rechargeable, replaceable and widely available Li-Ion Nokia battery.
  • FREE USB/Mini USB cable for quick charge from 5V wall adaptor included.
  • FREE Aux Line-In cable for iPhone, iPod or other MP3 players included.
  • Battery can be charged from any USB source, such as cell phone charger or computer.
  • Easily transfer, transport, manage and share MP3 files with inexpensive and widely available SD Memory card and/or USB Flash drive. 

Please note that color of device is white.

Video presentation of new MP3 boom box with water proof dry bag.
Download MP3 boom box manual and sales sheet here.
MP3 boombox attached as a bicycle radio.