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Beach Umbrella / Cabana Tent / Boat Bimini Shade

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3-in-1: Portable, Folding Sun Shade Umbrella / Cabana Tent / Boat Shade.

Protect yourself and family from sun or rain with deluxe cabana/umbrella. Also can be used as a boat shade.

Unique design, square shaped beach umbrella with detachable sides and multitude of uses. Can be used as a beach cabana, or beach umbrella, or boat sun shade. Heavy-duty fiberglass rods, adjustable length aluminum post, and adjustable length removable straps, allows installation of this umbrella on a hard surface, such as boat deck, or into soft surface, such as sand or grass or ground. Comes with flat plastic flange for installation on a hard surface and sharp rod for installation into soft surfaces. Cabana sides attached to umbrella top with Velcro and have special pouches that can be filled with a sand, or any other heavy objects, to keep umbrella vertically in a wind, and provide attractive appearance of beach cabana. Sides also comes with convenient pouches for storage of bottles, cell phones and other various gear.

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600 denier PVC coated polyester fabric

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