Manufacturer of Saturn Inflatables Since 1999

Saturn-M Inflatable Boats and Rafts

SATURN-M Mars series of Inflatable Boats, Rafts and KaBoats.

Heat welded seams, and German Heytex PVC fabric.

Saturn-M inflatable boats are manufactured for Saturn, and have same 2 years warranty as all Saturn boats. Made with 0.9mm German Heytex PVC fabric, using heat welded technology for seams of the hull. Saturn-M inflatable boats represent quality and durability at prices anyone can afford. Each heat welded hull seam also covered by an additional decorative PVC tape, to improve boat appearance and durability.

Why spend many hundreds or even thousands of dollars on boat, when you can have Saturn-M Inflatable Boat at fraction of the cost. However, to reduce price, there is no additional layer on a bottom of tubes. But, unless you going to drag inflated boat over sharp rocks, second layer might not be needed at all.