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Gym In A Car Resistance Bands


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    Gym in A Car - Automotive Resistance Bands Set.

    Exercise in a car while waiting for traffic to move again, or for light to change to green color. Don’t waste time seating in traffic, use it to stretch your muscles and get fit!

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    Stretch in a car before going to the gym. Great to increase size of biceps, triceps or chest muscles. Use with palm grip looking forward or backward for different muscles engagement.

    Easily attached to most cars headrests. Just remove headrest, slide metal ring into headrest tube and re-insert.

    To shorter band, use loop at the end of bank instead of metal ring. One of both bands can be used as desired. Do not use while driving.

    Car resistance bands is simple but easy to use exercise routine for every day driving.

    Exercise in car, stretch muscle; build biceps while waiting for that street traffic light to change, or while stuck in a heavy traffic. Warm up while driving to the gym! Easy to use as 1, 2, 3.

    Just slip through head rest tubes, and use one or both hands to pull on resistance band using comfortable grip handle. Hold palm inside our outside to exercise different muscle group. Pull down or pull up or sideway. While waste your time while sitting in a traffic, if you can spend it with benefit for your physique!

    Same as in move “Over the Top” with Sylvester Stallone, build up your biceps strength while sitting in traffic or standing and waiting for light to change to green!

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    Car Resistance Band Installation steps and use:

    1.Remove headrest from a car seat.

    2.Re-install car headrest, with metal ring at the end of rubber band running through one of headrest support tubes.

    3.To shorten resistance band length, run headrest tube through rubber loop holding metal ring.

    4.Make sure that headrest is fully secured inside car seat before use.

    5.Keep car resistance band behind driver seat while driving.

    6.DO NOT use car resistance band while driving.

    7.To avoid driving distraction, use car resistance band ONLY when at full stop.

    8.Pull car resistance band away from seat to exercise and tone muscle of arm.

    9.Do not pull car resistance band toward other car riders.

    10.Inspect car resistance band periodically for signs of wear and tear.

    11.Discard car resistance bank if any type of wear or tear are visible.

I have long commutes with lots of wait time so I decided to give this a try, I really dont feel safe doing this while driving but if you are stopped then this can be a nice little workout for the arms. I get a nice little pump while waiting in the car, its not difficult the resistance is moderate so I just do lots of reps.
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