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Set of oarlocks 2pcs.

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Oarlocks for inflatable boats to attach optional rowing oars.

Easy to glue on, please visit our FAQ section for detailed application instructions. Short application instruction:

  1. Deflate boat and make sure humidity is low before proceeding to glue application.
  2. Outline place where you going to glue oarlocks first with a pen and then with a painters tape.
  3. Wipe clean both areas to be glued with 100% acetone, wait 5 minutes before applications.
  4. Apply 3 thin layers of boat PVC glue from a repair kit with an old toothbrush on both surfaces to be glued. Wait 5 minutes between first 2 applications, and 10 minutes after last 3rd application.
  5. After 10 minutes since last application of glue has passed, joint pieces together and use spoon to press out any air bubbles. Wipe out excess glue with an acetone.
  6. Leave for 24 hours for glue to cure completely.

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