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14' Inflatable KaBoat SK430

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14' Saturn Inflatable Kayak & Boat Crossover - KaBoat™

Now with German Heytex PVC fabric and fiberglass covered transom!

This new and revolutionary product, is a crossover between an inflatable kayak and an inflatable boat – KaBoat! It can be used as a regular kayak, just paddling anywhere you want, ocean, bay, river or lake. If you get tired, use an electric or gas engine installed on marine grade plywood transom. See customer's video of 14' SK430 KaBoat with Torqeedo Travel electric motor.

Use it as an inflatable boat with an outboard engine. Takes up to a 10 HP gas engine! If the battery charge or gas is low, then use it as a kayak to paddle to your destination.

Extremely portable, will fit in a medium size bag. Now you can go on vacation and take this portable KaBoat with you along with an optional small electric or gas engine. The main benefit is that if you will get tired paddling, then you can use the engine to get back ashore.

The KaBoat's exceptionally stable design allows you to stand, fly fish or even get into those narrow spots where other boats can't go to get the best fishing. The KaBoat is excellent as a dinghy for a yacht or sailboat. It can also be used in light whitewater action. See KaBoat expedition in Swedish Lapland whitewater rivers.

It's aluminum seats provide excellent support and can be customized by installing folding fishing chairs with a swivel base or canoe seats to provide additional back support for long trips.

Saturn SK430 KaBoat Specs

New KaBoat specifications:

  • Transoms now have triangular splash guards to minimize back splash and protect the transom holders from heat and exposure to UV rays.
  • Bulky plastic handles on end tubes were replaced with sun resistant and durable soft handles for longer life span.
  • The valves were moved to the inside of the tubes and under the seat to protect them from sun and the elements, and to make inflation from inside the boat easier when on the water.
  • New models have different bench attachments to make them shorter, lighter and move slightly lower for easier rowing.
  • Grommet PVC splash guards with safety grab lines run all along the KaBoat's tubes from the front to the rear. Having grommets on PVC lines allows the attachment of additional accessories, kayak seats and custom made frames and arches for fishing rod holders, night lights, etc.

Benefits of KaBoat VS. conventional Kayak or Inflatable Boat:

  1. Conventional plastic or fiberglass kayaks require significant storage space due to their large dimensions. KaBoats can be deflated and folded for easy storage and transportation.
  2. Kayaks can be only paddled, but the KaBoat allows you to use a small gas or electric engine to cover larger distances. If you get tired of paddling, you can start using an optional outboard engine.
  3. KaBoats are much more stable than conventional kayaks, allowing for standing and walking inside the KaBoat. In fact, you can fish standing or even ride while standing.
  4. The KaBoat can be used for diving, snorkeling, and fishing, however not many conventional kayaks can offer similar functionality.
  5. Due to the high buoyancy of its inflatable tubes, the KaBoat can transport a much larger cargo than regular kayaks.
  6. KaBoat allows you to go to narrow or shallow places where regular inflatable boats will not fit. Just raise the engine and paddle anywhere that is at least 5" deep.
  7. Due to its smaller chambers, it is much easier and faster to inflate a KaBoat than a regular inflatable boat.
  8. Because of its narrow profile and a much lower drag than wide conventional inflatable boats, KaBoats can go faster with the same rated engine than comparable size inflatable boats.
  9. KaBoats can also be used as a dinghy to a yacht or sailboat, but take up much less space when deflated and folded. KaBoats also can be placed on a swimming platforms.
  10. KaBoats cost much less than any inflatable dinghies and most kayaks available today.

Saturn SK430 KaBoat Features:

  • Same heavy-duty 1100 Denier PVC as in SATURN inflatable boats.
  • Wide beam hull design for stability. You can stand in a KaBoat.
  • Front Spray Skirt with water deflector guard and rope lacing.
  • Marine grade plywood transom with a one way drain plug.
  • High-pressure inflatable air deck floor.
  • 4 (four!) fins for improved tracking.
  • Included: 3 benches, hand pump, repair kit, carry bag and rowing oars.
  • Please see this article for alternative seating options.

Saturn SK430 KaBoat Customer's video:

Saturn SK430 KaBoat Customer's videos:

Saturn Old V1.0 SK430 KaBoat Customer's videos:

Click here for more inflatable KaBoat video clips.

Shipping Size:
Shipping Weight:
78 lbs
Overall Length:
Exterior Width:
Interior Width:
Tube Diameter:
Air Chambers:
2 + 1
Transom High:
Floor Type:
Air Deck Floor
Kayak Packing Size:
45 x 24 x 13"
Person Capacity:
KaBoat Weight:
58 lbs
Weight Capacity:
750 lbs
Engine Capacity:
8 HP (10 HP if 2 stroke)

What a beautiful purchase, I am so happy with my 430, its such a dope ship.

Have a 14ft Kaboat that has been proven to be a worthwhile purchase.
Its portability and built in transom for trolling motor has made fishing and exploring the intercoastal waterways such fun.
It never fails when out and about that I am constantly asked about my Kaboat.
It is easy to recommend boatstogo for their selection and quality products.
Given my limited space, the ability to store this in my closet or trunk has been so convenient.

I got my SK430 a month ago. I was looking for a fishing boat that I could take one or two kids out with me while constrained by HOA boat storage rules. Here is what I have learned. First, just buy the electric air pump they sell when you get the boat. Hand pumping this is a 30 min job and hard labor. Second, the oars are also really only good for an emergency. My 40lb trolling motor pushed this 4.9mph flat out.. My 6hp Tohatsu will move it along faster than I would go with kids in it. This model boat has a 3ish inch thick air floor. The floor is pretty darn rigid, but really not walk around comfortably rigid. I have added a chair on a swivel and the transom mount launching wheels. The lunching wheels are fantastic. I have a huge storage tub hard chest with wheels and the whole boat fits in there. That tub fits on my hitch mounted cargo platform and stores nicely in my garage. For me the boat is awesome. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in kayak fishing but might want the range a real motor provides or the space to bring more people and stuff. If this one was ever lost I would probably buy another kaboat but an xl model.

Kaboat is a wonderful bit of kit apart from the inflatable floor. However, an old windsurfer makes an excellent replacement.

I got my SK430 early spring of 2017. I have taken it down several local rivers on many fishing trips in 2017 and the boat has performed above expectation. Handles well, very stable and no durability issues.

I have a 14' kaboat and wanted to tell you how much I like it and some of the modifications I've made. It packs an unpacks very easily in the carry bag, it's a one-person operation from start to finish. While I'm putting on my dive gear, I have the boat hooked up to an electric pump and by the time I'm done dressing, I only have to top it up with the hand pump. Deflating is even faster, just open the valves and roll from the transom to the bow, it's all wrapped up in a couple minutes. I bought an old Evinrude Light Twin 4hp engine for $100, and with just me aboard it'll plane at about 15mph. With two people the performance drops to 6.5mph, but this is two big guys with wetsuits, weight belts, etc. I put the gas tank under the bow cover and run a long fuel line back. I don't often use the seats that came with the boat. The rear seat is too close to the engine and the middle seat is too far, so I just sit on the tubes. I have a 42 qt cooler I use in the middle of the boat, it's pinched gently in place by the tubes and stays in place. I use the cooler for storage and it makes a convenient middle seat for a passenger. I can move the cooler where I want to better balance the boat. One thing I've modified is to use a 2-piece marine plywood floor, I laminated the bow section so it follows the same curvature as the boat. The floor is very solid under foot, distributes the load better along the full length of the boat, makes the boat more stable, and improves handling. Thanks for a great product!

Got one of those Saturn kaboats from your website, the fourteen footer. It’s a lot of fun. Easy to move. Easy to inflate. Easy to control when I using it. I use it at least once a week, and it’s totally worth the money. Best seven-hundred bucks I ever spent!

We received our boat last week and were able to test drive it over the weekend and we were totally impressed. The delivery was prompt, the product was excellent... even the bag is big enough so that everything fits in it when it's folded up. We bought it specifically to go camping with since we pull a small camping trailer we needed something portable to go in our van. We found that it fit very well on top of our mini-van when it was blown up so once we get to our camping spot we can go to various lakes in the area and not have to deflate and inflate every time. This is the 3rd raft that I've owned... the first two had the wooden floors - a Sevylor and a Sea Eagle and the air floor is much easier to deal with and pack and it's quite solid... we did buy some outdoor carpeting to put over it (we have a dog). Thanks for putting out such a great product at a reasonable price.

I recently purchased a 14 foot Kaboat. I chose this model feeling it would best meet my needs.\r\n\r\nI kitesurf, fish, windsurf, and kayak. I have a small trailer that holds all my gear - putting a hardshell kayak or small boat on the racks (on the trailer or on the car) can be done, but has drawbacks. The boat is exposed to theft and weather, gas mileage suffers, and you can't really store it loaded and ready to go at all times.\r\n\r\nThe Kaboat has worked great. It weighs about the same as my 14 foot hard shell plastic kayak (58 pounds) - so no difference in the weight. It fits inside the trailer (no need for racks on the car and the loss in mileage, danger of theft, etc.). When I do blow it up - if I want to leave it blown up (say, while I am camping) I can put it on top of the trailer and fasten it with straps.\r\n\r\nI paddle the Kaboat - can go about 3 MPH where I can do 4.5 MPH with my hardshell kayak. But - it is so much more versatile. I have a sailing rig that fits on the Kaboat - with a moderate breeze I can travel at 5 to 6 MPH in comfort and no strain. I have a 1.5HP air cooled outboard (weighs 12 pounds) that can take it 5MPH at half throttle - and almost pop it on to a plane at full throttle. All the speeds are verified with a GPS. I recently got a used 3.5HP and that puts it on plane with little effort. Bottom line - the hardshell kayak I can just paddle. With the Kaboat I paddle, sail, motor - whatever the situation calls for. And it all stores easily in my trailer. I leave the trailer loaded and ready to go for the weekend.\r\n\r\nI mentioned that my son and I kiteboard as well. The Kaboat is our RV to kiting spots. We can load 4 kiteboards, 4 kites, and our gear. Motor to any location, even setup in the water (the Kaboat is stable enough to pump up the kite while standing in the boat). Kite and return to our Kaboat to rest, get water - using it as base. This works out great in a place like the Florida Keys where you really need a boat to catch all the wind directions. The Kaboat has shown its veratility and is number one for utility.

I just wanted to share my great experiences and photos by purchasing one of your KaBoats (SK430). The SK430 was everything I could have imagined in a quality boat, and more. I've taken it to 5 different lakes so far, and the performance of the boat has surprised me every time. Going slightly beyond the limits of the SK430, we even sat 4 adults comfortably on the boat in a lake for an hour, without leaving a scratch on the kaboat. After receiving this boat and taking it out, it has turned into a fully fledged hobby! Here are some photos of my experiences thus far.
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