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Inflatable Lounge Beach Chair

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Inflatable Floating Lounge Beach Chair

Recline in an ultimate comfort on our new inflatable floating lounger chair, while soaking the sun, and cooling off in a water. Made of drop stitch fabric, shaped to resemble lounger chair with adjustable angle back support. It has removable floater thwart in a back, to support weight while floating on a top of the water. Can be used on a hard surface without floater. Also, can be attached to top of Saturn inflatable paddle board, as an ultimate comfort seating option.

Folds portable when deflated, easy to inflate with hand pump or electric pump. Our inflatable floating lounge chair is a must accessory for your main ship or yacht. Also, great for resorts. Comes with 2 bottle holders.

Folding back support attaches to D-ring with adjustable polyester straps. Optional carabiner clips are not included, but can be added for easy attachment to D-rings. For maximum reclining angle it is best to disconnect straps from D-rings completely. Double D-rings attachment on a back of chair and removable floater allows securing optional sun umbrella, to cool off in a shade. Not to be used in a windy condition without good sand anchor.

Front handle allows easy transportation of lounger chair, and also attachment of optional small anchor. There are small kayak anchors available on Amazon, that are portable and can be used for securing of chair to the bottom to lock in a position. When chair floating in a water, best way to get inside is from a side, not from front. Optional beach towel can be secured to back with rubber bungee cords.

  • Weight: 10lbs
  • Overall width: 30"
  • Seat base length: 44"
  • Back support height: 34"
  • Recommended weight: 180lbs
  • Max weight: 220lbs
  • Included: hand pump
Inflatable Lounger Chair for relaxation on a water.

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