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Unique, but tested design of in-water boating dock that protects up to 18' boat from all sides from grows of barnacles or algae, by depraving organic grows from fresh water intake, and therefore reducing oxygen flow. Creates effective barrier for barnacles and algae spores getting inside the pool. This dock does not keep boat dry, but almost completely eliminates grows of algae and barnacles on a bottom of the boat. Makes it much easier to dock your boat, just drive inside and stop.
If you planning on keeping your boat in a water all the time, then this dock is a must. Barnacles will grow on a bottom of that dock instead of your boat, To extend dock life, we recommend painting bottom of dock with antifouling paint before dropping it into the water. Effective life of this dock is about 3-4 years.
Adding few Chlorine or Brome tablets used for pool cleaning, will help keep water inside clean from organic grow. To create floating barrier at the entrance, optional 1/2 of foam swimming noodle need to be attached with cable ties along entrance edge. Boat will drive over that barrier and it will float up to lock fresh water intake. This design has already been tested to work for many years.

Tube length. Outer width 9.5', tube diameter 10". Will fit Saturn boat SD230 to SD518. Best suited to SD385 to SD518.

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