Manufacturer DEMO of Inflatable Hammock Bed / Dock

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Manufacturer Sample of New Product - Hammock Bed. Or, can be used as an Inflatable Dock for Boat, Kayak or KaBoat.

King Size Air Bed with grommet strips on both ends. ALL SALE IS FINAL. NO REFUND OR EXCHANGE.

  • Dimensions: 80x77x9
  • Weight: 30 lbs

Idea of that product was to test if inflatable bed can be used to attach to hammock for comfortable rocking. While it appear that drop stitch itself is somewhat too firm for laying on it, comfort level can be significantly improved by placing layer of memory foam on top of it. Once inflated, outfitted with memory foam layer and attached to hammock stand, this bed can be used as a new unique option for relaxation or sleeping for people with insomnia problems.

Or, alternatively this product can be used as an inflatable dock or island for fun on a water, or for docking of paddle board, kayak, etc.

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