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Great Boat, better than expected! I bought the yellow 330 and it screams, even with a 6hp! Good company that makes things right!

I want to thank you for your fast response to my registration problem. I am extremely happy with the purchase of my boat and all of your staff for helping me with questions and set up. Once again I want to thank you and have a great day.

I bought an SD330 Saturn inflatable boat from you earlier this year - the boat is GREAT! I like it a lot!!!

After lots of research, comparing prices and changing my mind of what I wanted to get me out on the water, I decided to buy the inflatable sd365. I have had it for approx 2 years. When I first came I remember picking it up from delivery and was amazed how small the box was, even though it was pretty heavy. I have never folded the boat small enough like it originally came to me, but pretty close ha-ha. When I got it home I immediately blew it up in my 650 sqft apartment on Okaloosa Island. It just about filled up the whole kitchen and living room and I did it all with the hand pump (never to do that again). But after buying a few air mattress pumps it got blown up a lot faster. After blown up I usually kept it at the back patio. To launch the boat I would pick it up and throw it off the dock which was very close to my back door, bring the motor over with gas tank and put the motor on while standing in the water.Wow a lot has changed since I bought this boat on how I do things with it. You live and learn and now it is way easier to enjoy this boat. Nowadays, I have a bigger condo on the bay side and have many things to make life easier with this boat. I would recommend anyone to buy a plug in air pump designed for inflatables, no matter how much battery power u have, u are never going to beat the raw electric draw from a outlet, as the air pump I have now cuts the blow up time in 1/4 and just about dims all the lights in the house when running (exaggerated, but has some killer draw and torque).Another good tip with these boats is to keep the floor separate when rolling up, and that way u can pretty much carry is by yourself. As the motor is concerned for most inflatables, seems everyone prefers the older ones, but u I would like to see how a new 2.5 light motor does with it. Right now I'm using a 9.9 Johnson 2 stroke, it seems almost too heavy at first but it really handles pretty good. U will have plenty or really too much power at the motor thrust throws out all the water and eventually will lose thrust. I think the lifters will prevent that loss of thrust problem. I have brought this inflatable a couple rivers and mostly buzz around in the bay; it can be really a great ride and can go in very small, shallow places.The repair kit that comes with the boat really works great, it surprised me after having a puncture from a huge catfish I caught, I used the glue and cut a piece of material and it completely stopped the leak, the glue tried very fast and completely sealed it. Later on I did a better repair after returning home, I usually use the glue they give u with the material and cut it to a circular patch and circle the patch with rtv (I use red to match the color of the boat). Fixing leaks it the easy part, finding the leaks can take some time, a soapy bottle is your friend with this job.I have thrown the motor in the trunk, and the boat in the back seat of my 4 door sedan and it fits pretty well. These Saturn boats are very tough and I think they are the best built inflatables compared to all others. I personally like the red ones because other boats can clearly see u, and it looks very nice. Other things bedsides the lifts and 2.5 4 stroke motors, I would like to try an electric short shaft motor on the boatstogo website and see how this inflatable handles. Looking back in the last 2 years I have definitely got my money worth on the purchase of this boat.

To the Gang at Boats to Go. Due to the use of your products, we thank you for making our lives more exciting and a lot more healthy. Couldn't find a more pleasurable way of spending our golden years. We wish you all the best the new year has to offer.

My SD330 boat is HIGH QUALITY!!! I was sceptical at first because of the low price but when it arrived, and I inflated it, I was VERY happy with my purchase! If you are thinking of purchasing an inflatabe, Have NO reservations buying a Saturn!

I have received my SD290. My impression are very good. I am sure boat is very good value. I will recommend your company to anyone who is interested in the products.

I've had the SD365 Saturn boat a couple of years and it's out every week end this time of year, on the ocean and on some of the big lakes here in Nova Scotia, Canada, and the boat is as good as new, with hundreds of hours on it already, much of that in swells of up to 8ft, never had a moments worry with the boat...

Okay, it's been two years since I purchased my SD430, the 14 foot inflatable. The first year I had it, I worried because I didn't have a trailer and couldn't afford one. I was worried that once I got to put it in the water I'd have problems and the warranty would be expired or something. At this price, I expected lesser quality than a actually got.After opening and inflating the boat, I folded it back up and put it in the basement while I saved some more $$$. I got my trailer at the beginning of last summer (the following year) and had the boat in the water for fishing or just running about just about every weekend last year. I have a used 25 hp Mercury outboard with an unknown number of hours in case you're interested. I must say that the boat handles quite well. It's my first boat so I admit that I don't have anything to compare it with but it's quite comfortable and it feels safe to me. I use two igloo coolers at seats, one mounted at the stern to the right side and the other (about 2 feet) closer to the bow on the left side. With a couple of rod holders mounted to the transom, I'm in the water.Actually I just ordered your seat frame so I'll be using that with a basic seat at the stern this year. True Story: I was running hard, throttle wide open, back from my fishing spot my brother-in-law in the front of the boat so I didn't see a 3 foot long stick that appears to have been stuck vertically in the mud at the bottom of the water. I'd seen it on the way out but not on the way back in. I guess someone put it there to mark something. It resembled a ferring strip with a rectangular profile and no point.My brother-in-law tried to yell but it was too late. I hit that stick head-on and heard (and felt) it loud and clear, BAMM. The boat felt like it hit a rock from where I was sitting. I just KNEW that I had torn the boat from front to back along the bottom. When I pulled the boat out of the water I looked at the bottom and saw absolutely nothing!!! After it dried there was actually a mark about 5 feet long (looked like faded white chalk because the stick was painted white) where the stick hit the bottom but no tear, not even a dimple.AWESOME! I also must tell you that I'm impressed with how robust the boat is. It seems that most manufacturers offer 18 inch tubes on a boat this size where the sd430 has 20's...lovely! It did raise the bow rather extremely upon taking off but I grabbed a couple of those lifters advertised on your accessories page and that was the end of that. It now barely lifts the bow when taking off at all. I'm anxious to see how the new seating feels but it's February and I have a couple of months to go before I put it back in the water. Engine needs tune up too. I'll send pics after I get the seating installed and coolers repositioned. I also plan to grab a canopy this year.LOTS AND LOTS OF FUN!!! THANKS! This was a great deal! I only wish you had the tunnel speed boats at the time I purchased as I would have gotten that instead. It really looks hot and if the quality is comparable to the sd430, it'd be well worth it. Does it come in an 18 or 20? If so, I think they'd sell well. I'd get one!

...and your boat was star last night as the 12ft was able to maneuver where most could not.
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