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The boat came today, and it is everything you said. We put it on the Tomoka River, and it was great.

Im very pleased with the boat - simple to use and much lighter than I expected.

We received our SK430 boat last week and were able to test drive it over the weekend and we were totally impressed. The delivery was prompt, the product was excellent... even the bag is big enough so that everything fits in it when it's folded up. We bought it specifically to go camping with since we pull a small camping trailer we needed something portable to go in our van. We found that it fit very well on top of our mini-van when it was blown up so once we get to our camping spot we can go to various lakes in the area and not have to deflate and inflate every time. One thing, drip rings might be a nice addition for your paddles...lake water in Michigan in April is mighty cold! We did buy some drip rings locally. This is the 3rd raft that I've owned... the first two had the wooden floors - a Sevylor and a Sea Eagle and the air floor is much easier to deal with and pack and it's quite solid... we did buy some outdoor carpeting to put over it (we have a dog). Thanks for putting out such a great product at a reasonable price.

I love my inflatable boat!Thanks for marketing this great raft at such a motivating price.I am sure will buy again from you...

Just received SD365 boat today. I really thought this boat would be well made and pretty, but I want to tell you that it is MUCH better than I expected. A wonderful job of workmanship.

Just a note to say what a pleasure it's been working with you in purchasing my new boat and accessories. Your customer service is outstanding: prompt, courteous, friendly, helpful, knowledgeable. Your web site is first rate. Thanks especially for hurrying my order and shipping along. I'll be watching for the FedEx tracking number and following it. And, I expect I'll be a ready reference for you and your products.

I bought a SD365 from you. It is a high-quality, attractive boat that gets a lot of attention.

I purchased my SD 365 3 years ago from you and have been extremely pleased. We have fished in the little boat from the far northern lakes of Northern Saskatchewan to the Sea of Cortez off Baja. I have a 9.9 Yamaha 2 stroke and it moves it along at about 15 - 18 miles per hour. I have a short shaft outboard but I added about a 1 inch strip to the top of the transom as I found the leg of the engine with the hydrofoil on was running too deep in the water at a plane. It helped to get the boat to plane easier.Our little boat has been portaged over Beaver Dams, run rapids in rivers, dragged across beaches in Mexico and only a few scrathes. The only leak was in the air floor from a dropped fishing knife, no big deal to fix. I would strongly recommend your product to anyone who is looking for a good all round boat for all conditions. We are extremely please with ours and I know your customers will be also. were always very helpful and responsive to my emails and concerns. And once again, you have helped me out, with a very speedy response. You have earned yourself a loyal customer! I haven't noticed too many "Saturn" inflatables in Maine waters, but people have asked me about mine, and I can assure you that I have nothing but positive comments about the product and your customer service.

SD365 is Rescue Boat that is in service where I live. Thanks so much and your product is great.
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